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Club Financial Control Body Investigatory Chamber

Published: Thursday 2 January 2014, 9.37CET

The work of the Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) is underpinned by the Investigatory Chamber, led by the CFCB chief investigator for the monitoring and investigation stage of the proceedings.

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The investigatory chamber consists of the CFCB chief investigator, who heads the CFCB investigatory chamber and takes the necessary measures to guarantee its proper functioning, and at least three other members, including a CFCB deputy chief investigator. 

An investigation can be opened ex officio or upon request. The CFCB chief investigator establishes the facts and collects all relevant evidence. He leads the investigation proceedings himself or assigns this role to other member of the investigatory chamber. 

At the end of the investigation, the CFCB chief investigator, after having consulted with the other members of the investigatory chamber, may decide to dismiss the case; conclude, with the consent of the defendant, a settlement agreement; or apply, with the consent of the defendant, disciplinary measures limited to a warning, a reprimand or a fine up to a maximum amount of €200,000; or refer the case to the Adjudicatory Chamber.

Further details of the CFCB Investigatory Chamber can be found in the procedural rules governing the UEFA Club Financial Control Body.

Chairman and Chief Investigator
Yves Leterme (Belgium)

Jacobo Beltrán (Spain)
Egon Franck (Germany)
Petros Mavroidis (Greece)
Richard Parry (England)
Konstantin Sonin (Russia)
Petra Stanonik Bošnjak (Slovenia)
Yves Wehrli (France)

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