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Ethics and disciplinary inspectors represent UEFA in proceedings before the Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body and the Appeals Body. They may initiate disciplinary investigations and lodge appeals against decisions by the Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body, and they support UEFA in the event that a party appeals against a decision by the Appeals Body before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The UEFA Executive Committee, the UEFA President, the UEFA General Secretary or the disciplinary bodies may commission ethics and disciplinary inspectors to conduct investigations alone or in cooperation with other UEFA or non-UEFA bodies.

The Executive Committee appoints the necessary number of ethics and disciplinary inspectors and further designates one as chief inspector. All appointments are presented to the UEFA Congress for ratification.

Here is a list of UEFA’s current ethics and disciplinary inspectors:

Chief inspector:
Chris Georghiades (Cyprus)

Ethics and disciplinary inspectors (in alphabetical order):
Toni García Alcaraz (Spain)
Ksenija Damjanović (Serbia)
Dimitrios Davakis (Greece)
Josef Geisler (Austria)
Igor Gryshchenko (Ukraine)
Jean-Samuel Leuba (Switzerland)
Amir Navon (Israel)
Jürgen Paepke (Germany)
Giulio Palermo (Italy)
Jan Pauly (Czech Republic)
Ivan Robba (Gibraltar)
Prune Rocipon (France)
Rute Isabel Simões Soares (Portugal)
Luka Steiner (Slovenia)
Aldi Topçiu (Albania)
Peter J. van Zunderd (Netherlands)
Duygu Yaşar (Turkey)