UEFA•grassroots newsletter


UEFA is dedicated to football's grassroots. The European body's view is that without healthy foundations, the highest sectors of the sport cannot flourish.
UEFA has therefore been reinforcing its grassroots activities in recent times, spreading its message across Europe to include a variety of areas such as football for the disabled. Children are also being targeted in the campaign to show the joy of playing and being involved in the game.
Football can be an exceptional vehicle for personal and sporting development. It is open to everyone – and the grassroots campaign is reflected in the comprehensive and varied coverage devoted to this key sector in the official UEFA publication, the UEFA Grassroots Newsletter. The central issues are examined, interviews take place with key personalities, UEFA grassroots events and initiatives are covered in detail, and the vital grassroots work undertaken in the UEFA member national associations is featured in each edition. The UEFA Grassroots Newsletter is a window on the world of football at its crucial basis.

Last updated: 17/07/17 20.24CET