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Handbook of Football Association Management

Handbook of Football Association Management
Handbook of Football Management ©

UEFA recently published the third edition of the Handbook of Football Association Management (HFM) to support the online modules of the UEFA Certificate in Football Management (UEFA CFM) and the course as a whole.

Providing up-to-date information consolidated by experts in the areas, the HFM is an excellent reference work for UEFA CFM participants as well as a means for UEFA to make the content of the course available for a wider audience without having access to the modules. It is the first book devoted to football association management.

By putting into print the expertise of internationally renowned academic and professional experts, together with numerous case studies and interviews, it gives a good overview of the unique aspects of the management of national football associations. After its introduction to football association management, written by the co-editors Professor Jean-Loup Chappelet, PhD, IDHEAP, and Dawn Aquilina, PhD, IDHEAP, the book covers the following subjects:

The organisation of world football
(Sean Hamil, Birkbeck College, University of London)
Looking at the regulatory and governing bodies of international and European football and defining their stakeholders, this chapter describes the organisational structure of world football.

Strategic management of a national football association
(Professor Mikkel Draebye, SDA Brocconi)
This chapter describes how a national association can design and implement a strategic management system, and how to make it a success.

Operational management of a national football association
(Professor Antonio Davila, IESE Business School in Barcelona)
Covering the topics of human resource management, financial management, customer satisfaction, and design of service operations, this chapter covers four of the main topics of operational management for national associations.

Football marketing and sponsorship
(Professor Simon Chadwick, University of Salford) Highlighting four key domains – sport marketing and the nature of the sport product; brand and marketing communications; licensing, ticketing and hospitality; and media rights – this chapter provides an overview of marketing and sponsorship as an important part of the management of a national football association.

Communication, the media and public relations
(Professor Raymond Boyle, University of Glasgow)
Explaining the different dimensions of communication, and the importance of public relations and working with the media, this chapter examines the role played by communications in the functioning of a national association.

Event and volunteer management
(Professor Alain Ferrand, University of Poitiers)
The chapter presents the four main phases in the organisation of an event – conception, preparation, operation and closure – and uses the example of managing a volunteers programme to further explain the different phases in context.

The book contains an extensive glossary of terms used throughout the book and the CFM course.

If you are interested in purchasing the Handbook of Football Association Management please use the contacts given below. The book is printed in English and the cost of one copy is €40 (for purchases within Switzerland a TVA of 8% is added).


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