UEFA-funded project to be Kazakhstan’s springboard to footballing success

The Football Federation of Kazakhstan (KFF) has big plans to continue to develop the country’s football, with UEFA’s HatTrick programme playing a significant role in the construction of a new national footballing centre.


All eyes are on Almaty, as the Kazakh city is hosting the UEFA Futsal Cup finals at present. The country has taken futsal to its heart, with local club Kairat Almaty winning the tournament twice in the last four years.

Kazakhstan is also gradually starting to make its mark when it comes to the 11-a-side version of the game, and a particular success story saw FC Astana become the first club from the country to qualify for the UEFA Champions League group stage in the 2015/16 season. 

Seeking to build on the strength of futsal in the country, the KFF is looking to develop the beautiful game outdoors.

UEFA’s HatTrick Committee approved the KFF’s latest project in March, which will see the construction of a national multi-functional football complex in the capital Astana. 

“I would like to really thank UEFA for supporting our project, which will be a springboard for new success in Kazakh football,” said the KFF president, Seilda Bayshakov.

“We have done a lot over the last few years, but there is a lot of work ahead of us in order to introduce a precise political development programme for the sport in Kazakhstan.”

The project has two main objectives. Firstly, new headquarters will be constructed for the KFF and the Kazakhstan Professional Football League. 

Secondly, a new indoor football arena complete with a full-sized pitch will be built, which will host youth and amateur competitions.

“The new headquarters of the KFF and the Kazakhstan Professional Football League will create conditions for the coordination of the relevant footballing authorities, who over time, will greatly influence the future of football in Kazakhstan," Bayshakov added.

The new centre, which will be located near the banks of the Ishim River, will also have three outdoor pitches. Work has already started on the facility, and work is due to be completed in January 2018.