UEFA coaching programme offer

UEFA is inviting associations to take advantage of a football coaching communication programme.

UEFA is offering European football associations the opportunity to receive a comprehensive football coaching communication programme in a package funded by European football's governing body.

Coaching strategies
Medium-sized and smaller associations are being invited to take advantage of the 'Tactfoot' programme to help them develop their coaching and education strategies in the coming years.

Package offered
Under UEFA's offer, the associations would receive 'Tactfoot' coaching communication software, a portable laptop computer with DVD, projection hardware and training. The package on offer is being fully funded through UEFA's KIOSK programme and the Assistance Programmes ad-hoc programme for member countries of UEFA's East European Assistance Bureau (EEAB).

Interactive tool
'Tactfoot', produced by the UK-based company AVC Media Enterprises, is an interactive and visual coaching tool which helps coaches to demonstrate various training methods and coaching exercises, as well as plan tactical activities. It is already being used by a number of top associations and clubs.

Ease of use
"UEFA supports the use of 'Tactfoot' because of its ease of use, communication abilities and great potential benefit for future communication and education," UEFA told the associations. "With this package, coaches will be able to share information on training routines, be able to present professional coach education and have DVD hardware to use with UEFA development productions."

KIOSK programme
The UEFA KIOSK programme was introduced in 2001 as a target-oriented programme expanding the range of UEFA's assistance to all European associations. The programme, which focuses mainly on consultation and training, also offers assistance in terms of infrastructure and equipment.