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Star ambassadors on passion for women's football

Laura Georges, Lotta Schelin, Camille Abilly and Verónica Boquete spoke of their passion for the cause after becoming UEFA ambassadors for women's football development.

Star ambassadors on passion for women's football
Star ambassadors on passion for women's football

Four high-profile ambassadors for women's football development were unveiled in Paris at the French Football Federation (FFF) headquarters on Monday, joining Steffi Jones, and all have spoken of their pride and desire to make a difference.

Laura Georges (Paris Saint-Germain & France)
I feel truly honoured to be an official ambassador of the UEFA's Women's Football Development Programme. I actually had my first similar experience in Latvia. It was fantastic to meet young players during a summer tournament. Given that we have Lotta, Camille and Verónica as well as Steffi, the very first ambassador, I feel honoured to be alongside such great players. If I can help develop women's football with my love of life, desire and experience, it would be simply beautiful.

Camille Abilly (Olympique Lyonnais & France)
It is a source of great pride for me and I am very grateful. It's a great thing to be able to say that I represent women's football especially with all the fantastic players that will do so with me. Being selected alongside Steffi Jones, who has been an ambassador for a while now, Lotta Schelin, Laura Georges and Verónica Boquete makes me feel very proud and satisfied, but I see it as more of the start of something big. I really want to invest myself in this new role and do my best for women's football in Europe.

Lotta Schelin (Olympique Lyonnais & Sweden)
It's a really good project, and I am really proud to be a part of it. It feels like a good thing for women's soccer, for all the young girls out there in Europe, who love to play soccer and who maybe don't even get the chance to do it. What we can do is go out there and make them see us, and let them know that there's a possibility to play soccer and even be professional. It's really nice to be able to do that.

Veronica Boquete (1. FFC Frankfurt & Spain)
It's such an honour to be part of this ambassadorial team. I'm excited to start work because I come from a country where the mentality is a bit different, and I know how hard it is for girls to play football. When I was five or six I couldn't play because there was a rule that said 'girls can't play with boys'. We are changing that, and it is our responsibility as players. It is our sport and we have to do all we can to help the younger girls have it easier.

Boquete striving to make a difference
Boquete striving to make a difference

Steffi Jones (ex-1. FFC Frankfurt & Germany)
I had several experiences as an ambassador. For example, I went to Minsk and it was great to see that they have been building up structures, a league showing girls what football gives them, and providing an exchange with the federation. I think that is what makes this so important, being an ambassador.

Karen Espelund, chairwoman of the UEFA Women's Football Committee
"The women's football development program was launched in 2012, and the basic part of it, which is very close to my heart, is to develop the grassroots. We need good role models for girls who would like to start playing football and who do play football. By having these five well-known players here makes us very happy. I hope they will motivate more girls to play, and help us work with national associations because we are dependent on them.

For more information about UEFA's women's football development work, visit uefa.to/1DnIEyU.