Latest women in leadership programme

UEFA's commitment to female representation in senior positions in football is showcased with the staging of the UEFA Women in Football Leadership Programme this week.

Joyce Cook, Jane Purdon and Sarah O’Shea are all mentors of participants of UEFA’s Women in Football Leadership programme, meeting for the third time at UEFA headquarters in Nyon. They tell us about the importance of the programme, the message it sends to the wider sports community and what participants gain from attending the course.

The fourth edition of the UEFA Women in Football Leadership Programme is offering participants a wide variety of tools in preparation for a place in the boardrooms and other decision-making positions within European football.

Attendees come from all across Europe and from various areas of the game. The sessions at UEFA headquarters will include speeches and a panel discussion involving Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jordan, president and CEO of The Paradigm Forum, Kieran Finn, international vice-president of human resources at PAREXEL, and Martin Kallen, CEO of UEFA Events SA.

As well as the week-long session, the participants will benefit from a year-long mentor scheme which inspires women to continue their development towards prominent leadership positions in football organisations.