Women implementing leadership skills

Female members of the football family are already implementing the new skills garnered through UEFA's latest Women in Football Leadership Programme.

Last week's UEFA Women in Football Leadership Programme
Last week's UEFA Women in Football Leadership Programme ©UEFA

Participants on the fourth edition of the UEFA Women in Football Leadership Programme are ready to implement the key learnings on their return to the office.

Female members of the football family were in Nyon for a week-long session to work on skills that can prepare them for leadership and decision-making positions in the sport. That will now be followed up by a one-year mentor scheme, with the overall aim of encouraging more gender equality within workplaces that football can benefit from.

Bojana Zec, Football Association of Serbia (FSS)

"This is a very good course because it is about me – I was on it to improve myself and I like that. I had further confirmation of things I already thought I was or was not, and it was great to learn in a bubble where I could focus on what I need to do in the future."

Louise Doyle, Irish Football Association (IFA)

"To find out that some of your main strengths can also be your main weaknesses was very enlightening. The main thing is to make sure that we use everything that we learn when we go back [to work in the association] because there's so much.”

Irena Bakrevska Miloshevska, Football Federation of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FFM)

"This course gives you a different dimension to any other training you can do because rather than gaining knowledge about things, you learn about your own psychological strengths and about managing interpersonal skills. That will help you to deal with situations that can make you nervous in everyday life."

Sharon Zeevi, Israel Football Association (IFA)

"I have become more aware about what is going on around me and it's also given me a lot of confidence that I am going in the right direction in my career, although of course I need to work on some areas.

You can read more from the Women in Football Leadership participants in the June issue of UEFA Direct.