London to host UEFA EURO 2020 final

The UEFA Executive Committee has selected the thirteen host cities that will stage matches at UEFA EURO 2020.

046 - Thirteen countries to stage matches across Europe

Today in Geneva, the UEFA Executive Committee selected the thirteen host cities that will stage matches at UEFA EURO 2020, when the competition will celebrate its 60th anniversary in six years’ time.

The semi-finals and finals of UEFA EURO 2020 will be hosted at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

Three group matches and a quarter-final each will be staged in Azerbaijan/Baku, Germany/Munich, Italy/Rome, Russia/St. Petersburg.

Three group matches and a round of 16 match each will be played in Belgium/Brussels, Denmark/Copenhagen, Hungary/Budapest, Netherlands/Amsterdam, Republic of Ireland/Dublin, Romania/Bucharest, Scotland/Glasgow and Spain/Bilbao.

Commenting on the bidding process UEFA President Michel Platini said:

“I would like to thank all bidders for their efforts and dedication in submitting their candidature.

“UEFA EURO 2020 will be an historic occasion, with matches of our flagship national team competition taking place in every corner of our continent.

“It is truly, therefore, a EURO for Europe, where fans will have the unique opportunity to be part of the UEFA European Football Championship right on their doorstep.”

The voting process was split into four separate phases, starting with the selection of the association hosting the semi-finals and final. The selection of London’s Wembley Stadium was made by acclamation after Munich had withdrawn its candidature prior to the vote.

The second phase of voting consisted of the selection of the four venues which will each stage one quarter-final and three group matches. Each of the bidders which complied with the requirements set, namely a minimum stadium capacity of 60,000, were ranked by the UEFA Executive Committee members in order of preference, with the first-ranked bidder receiving four points; the second-ranked three points; the third-ranked two points; and the fourth-ranked one point. The points of all votes entered by the Executive Committee members were then added up, and produced the following result, with the four bidders with the highest number of points selected:

Germany/Munich: 38 points

Azerbaijan/Baku: 37 points

Russia/St. Petersburg: 29 points

Italy/Rome: 20 points

Belgium/Brussels: 11 points

Wales/Cardiff: 3 points

Hungary/Budapest: 2 points


The third phase of voting determined one association/city to host one round of 16 match and three group matches, in each geographical zone that had not yet been selected in the first two phases. For this ballot, the Executive Committee members had to give their vote to one of the venues from a particular geographical zone. The bidder with most votes was selected.

The six geographical zones, as decided by the UEFA Executive members whose associations had not presented a bid, were:

Zone 1: North-West: England, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Zone 2: Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden

Zone 3: East: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia

Zone 4: Centre-East: Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia, Hungary, Romania

Zone 5: Centre: Belgium, Germany, Netherlands

Zone 6: South-Mediterranean: Italy, Israel, Spain

As the candidatures of Belarus/Minsk, Bulgaria/Sofia, FYR Macedonia/Skopje and Israel/Jerusalem were adjudged not to have fulfilled the bid requirements by the UEFA administration, these candidatures did not participate at all in the selection phases for which they would otherwise have been eligible, in accordance with article 1.3 of the annex of the bid regulations.

The first vote, concerning Zone 2, produced the following result:

Denmark/Copenhagen: 13 votes

Sweden/Stockholm: 3 votes

The procedure was then repeated for Zone 4, and produced the following result:

Romania/Bucharest: 12 votes

Hungary/Budapest: 3 votes

The fourth phase of voting determined the remaining six associations/cities that will each host one round of 16 match and three group matches. Here again, all remaining associations were ranked by order of preference, with the first-ranked bidder receiving 6 points, the second-ranked bidder 5 points, the third-ranked bidder 4 points, and so forth.

Voting in this final phase produced the following result:

Netherlands/Amsterdam: 58 points

Republic of Ireland/Dublin: 55 points

Spain/Bilbao: 50 points

Hungary/Budapest: 48 points

Belgium/Brussels: 43 points

Scotland/Glasgow: 22 points

Wales/Cardiff: 21 points

Sweden/Stockholm: 18 points