Attractive ticket offer for UEFA EURO 2016

UEFA and EURO 2016 SAS have today unveiled the ticketing policy and prices for UEFA EURO 2016.

022- One milllion tickets available via from 10 June to 10 July

UEFA and EURO 2016 SAS have today unveiled the ticketing policy and prices for UEFA EURO 2016.

More matches, more tickets, more spectacle

With, for the very first time, 24 teams taking part and 51 matches to be played, 2.5 million tickets are being offered for sale for the UEFA EURO 2016 final tournament.

The schedule of the tournament, from 10 June to 10 July 2016, has been conceived to provider an attractive and varied sporting spectacle in each of the host cities: all teams will play their group matches in different stadiums; every city is guaranteed to see at least two seeded teams or winners of different groups.

Kick-off times are traditional and easy to remember: 15:00, 18:00 and 21:00CET.

1,800,000 tickets (75 % of the total) reserved for football fans

One year before the tournament, between 10 June and 10 July 2015, 1,000,000 tickets will be available to the general public.

Internet will be the only point of sales, via a unique address: Tickets will be simultaneously put on sale in France, the rest of Europe and throughout the world.

For all matches and categories where demand exceeds supply, tickets will be attributed by lottery. Every applicant will have the same chance of being successful, irrespective of when the application has been made between 10 June and 10 July 2015.

800,000 tickets will be made available to the supporters of the 24 qualified teams at the end of December 2015, following the completion of the qualifying matches and after the final-round draw has taken place on 12 December. These tickets will be sold in close cooperation with the national associations concerned.

A price policy for everyone

The price policy of UEFA EURO 2016 is characterised by an intentionally open range of prices.

For the four prestige matches: the opening match, the semi-finals and the final, the prices are in accordance with those of major international sporting events. For all other matches, UEFA and EURO 2016 SAS have opted for prices adapted to everyone.

The key points of the ticketing offer are:

For all matches, the creation of a fourth category (around 250,000 tickets overall), compared to the usual three categories for the EURO, in order to increase the range of prices;

An entry price of € 25 for 85 % of the matches (43 out of 51);

Prices ranging from € 25 (around 210,000 tickets) to € 895 for the best seats for the final at the Stade de France (around 25,000 tickets);

All matches at UEFA EURO 2016 are accessible for less than € 100.

Furthermore, UEFA will invite 20,000 disadvantaged children to attend matches at UEFA EURO 2016 as part of its social initiative “20,000 Children’s Smiles for EURO 2016”, implemented in cooperation with the UEFA Foundation for Children, which UEFA has recently created.

Easy-to-understand ticketing products

In order to make it easy for everyone to understand the ticketing system, the number of products available has been simplified:

• Individual ticket : 1 match in 1 stadium;

• Destination pass: 2 consecutive matches in the same stadium;

• Follow my Team: Series of tickets allowing fans to follow their favourite team throughout the tournament (from 3 to 7 matches); this product will be available in December 2015 together with the tickets reserved for fans of the qualified national associations.

UEFA will also make a number of tickets available for disabled fans at every match, in the lowest price category, regardless of their location in the stadium. Disabled fans can also request a complimentary seat for an accompanying person.

Attribution rules favouring access for as many people as possible to EURO matches

• Maximum 4 tickets per applicant and per match;

• 1 match per day per applicant;

• No obligation to buy a certain amount of tickets for group matches in the hope of getting a semi-final or final ticket.

General public tickets are reserved for individuals. For companies, EURO 2016 SAS sells corporate hospitality packages which match their specific needs.

An official resale platform to combat black market sales

An official ticketing resale platform on will allow ticket holders, if they cannot attend a match for whatever reason, to legally resell their tickets at face value. This platform will be opened in March-April 2016, once the sales to supporters of the participating teams is over.

While fighting against black market sales, the ticketing resale platform gives flexibility to the ticketing system for UEFA EURO 2016.

Match             Category 4 Category 3 Category 2 Category 1

Group-Stage      €25           €55          €105            €145

Round of 16       €25           €55          €105            €145

Quarter-finals    €45            €85          €135           €195

Semi-finals        €65           €165         €295           €495

Opening match   €75          €195         €395           €595

Final                  €85          €295         €595           €895


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