Massive demand for UEFA EURO 2016 tickets

UEFA EURO 2016 ticket sales, which began when 1m tickets were made available to the general public on 10 June, ended today, 10 July.

037 - More than 11m tickets requested in one month

UEFA EURO 2016 ticket sales, which began when 1m tickets were made available to the general public on 10 June, ended today, 10 July, at precisely 20.16CET.

Even though qualifying is still under way and the match schedule will not be completed until the final draw in December, in one month 11,264,142 ticket requests were made through the exclusive sales platform

This success proves that UEFA EURO 2016 has exceptional appeal in France, across Europe, and all over the world.

Some key facts and figures:

- Ticket requests were received from 209 territories: UEFA EURO 2016 may be a European competition, but its appeal is truly global.

- Unsurprisingly, a clear majority of ticket applicants are French, with 41% of requests coming from France. But demand from other big footballing nations in Europe was also high, especially over the last few days: England and Germany each account for 14% of ticket requests, followed by a tight cluster of Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium, each accounting for 3 to 4% of ticket requests.

- The three most popular matches are the final (1.2m requests), the opening match (650,000) and the quarter-final on 3 July (550,000), all of which will be played at the Stade de France.

- Demand greatly outstrips supply for matches in all host cities – by a ratio of between 7:1 and 15:1, depending on the city.

- A total of 15,964 tickets were requested for disabled spectators.

- The creation of a category of moderately priced tickets (from €25 for group matches to €85 for the final) has fuelled demand, with 6m requests for this category alone.

As previously announced, tickets for all matches and categories where demand exceeds supply will be allocated by means of a random, computerised selection process. This will take place under the supervision of a notary. Ticket applicants are asked to ensure they have sufficient funds available on their credit cards as of now. If payment is declined, the corresponding request will be cancelled automatically and the tickets reallocated. There will be no second chance. Successful applicants will be notified by email by 15 August latest.

For any companies or individuals looking for an exclusive UEFA EURO 2016 experience and an exceptional level of service for themselves and their guests, a hospitality programme has been designed and will be implemented at every stadium. For more information, visit