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European Parliament gives backing to UEFA’s policies

005 - UEFA opens EU representative office in Brussels

Published: Thursday 2 February 2017, 11.00CET

UEFA strongly welcomes the Resolution of the European Parliament on an integrated approach to sport policy: good governance, accessibility and integrity as a significant step in the right direction for the healthy development of sport in Europe.

The “Takkula Report” – named after its rapporteur, Finnish MEP Hannu Takkula – endorses UEFA’s model of governance, core values and initiatives in a large number of areas, as well as many of the modernising reforms advocated by the new UEFA President. The Resolution unequivocally backs the ban on trading the so-called “economic rights” of players, reiterates its support for Financial Fair Play and stresses the need for a “zero-tolerance” policy, in order to protect the integrity of sport. The Resolution also endorses the European sports model and its main features, such as financial solidarity through the selling of media rights on an exclusive territorial basis.

Commenting on the Resolution, UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin said:

“Today’s Resolution is definitely good news. I am pleased with the approach taken by Mr Takkula and his peers. With the increased support of the European Parliament, we will intensify our efforts to promote good governance at all levels and ensure a positive future for football.”

Today also saw the opening of UEFA’s representative office in Brussels, which will work to further strengthen existing bonds and build new relationships with the institutions of the European Union, the Council of Europe and national governments.

The representative office in Brussels will also serve as an information and coordination point for UEFA’s national associations on various matters, including EU funding programmes.

Regarding the opening of UEFA’s office in Brussels, Mr Čeferin added:

“Our decision to open a representative office in Brussels, at the heart of the EU district, is a strong reflection of our commitment to good governance. The Brussels office will play a leading role in developing still further UEFA’s dialogue with European policymakers.”

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