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UEFA EURO: Republic of Ireland - Denmark Match press kits

European qualifiers - 2019/21 SeasonMatch press kits

Republic of IrelandRepublic of IrelandDublin Arena - DublinMonday 18 November 2019
20.45CET (19.45 local time)
Group D - Matchday -3
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Head to Head

2020 UEFA European Championship
DateStage reachedMatchResultVenueGoalscorers
07/06/2019QR (GS)Denmark - Republic of Ireland1-1CopenhagenHøjbjerg 76; Duffy 85
UEFA Nations League
DateStage reachedMatchResultVenueGoalscorers
19/11/2018GS-FTDenmark - Republic of Ireland0-0Aarhus
13/10/2018GS-FTRepublic of Ireland - Denmark0-0Dublin
FIFA World Cup
DateStage reachedMatchResultVenueGoalscorers
14/11/2017PORepublic of Ireland - Denmark1-5
agg: 1-5
DublinDuffy 6; A. Christensen 29, Eriksen 32, 63, 74, Bendtner 90 (P)
11/11/2017PODenmark - Republic of Ireland0-0Copenhagen
FIFA World Cup
DateStage reachedMatchResultVenueGoalscorers
28/04/1993QR (GS)Republic of Ireland - Denmark1-1DublinQuinn 75; Vilfort 27
14/10/1992QR (GS)Denmark - Republic of Ireland0-0Copenhagen
FIFA World Cup
DateStage reachedMatchResultVenueGoalscorers
13/11/1985QR (GS)Republic of Ireland - Denmark1-4
DublinStapleton 6; Elkjær 7, 76, M. Laudrup 49, Sivebæk 57
14/11/1984QR (GS)Denmark - Republic of Ireland3-0
CopenhagenElkjær 30, 46, Lerby 55
1980 UEFA European Championship
DateStage reachedMatchResultVenueGoalscorers
02/05/1979PR (GS)Republic of Ireland - Denmark2-0
DublinDaly 44, Givens 66
24/05/1978PR (GS)Denmark - Republic of Ireland3-3CopenhagenJensen 33, Nielsen 79 (P), Lerby 80; Stapleton 11, Grealish 25, Daly 65
FIFA World Cup
DateStage reachedMatchResultVenueGoalscorers
15/10/1969QR (GS)Republic of Ireland - Denmark1-1DublinGivens 8; Jensen 85 (P)
27/05/1969QR (GS)Denmark - Republic of Ireland2-0
CopenhagenSørensen 35, 67
FIFA World Cup
DateStage reachedMatchResultVenueGoalscorers
02/10/1957QR (GS)Denmark - Republic of Ireland0-2
CopenhagenCummins 53, Curtis 62
03/10/1956QR (GS)Republic of Ireland - Denmark2-1
DublinCurtis 27, Gavin 45; Jensen 85
 QualifyingFinal tournamentTotal
Republic of Ireland110020202020514064
Republic of Ireland51225122----10244817
Republic of Ireland------------321081
Republic of Ireland622271422020185942222

* FIFA World Cup/FIFA Confederations Cup

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:: Previous meetings

Goals for/against: Goal totals include the outcome of disciplinary decisions (e.g. match forfeits when a 3-0 result is determined). Goals totals do not include goals scored during a penalty shoot-out after a tie ended in a draw

:: Squad list

Qual.: Total European Qualifiers appearances/goals for UEFA EURO 2020 only.
FT: Total UEFA EURO 2020 appearances/goals in final tournament only.
Overall: Total international appearances/goals.
DoB: Date of birth
Age: Based on the date press kit was last updated
D: Disciplinary (*: misses next match if booked, S: suspended)

:: Team facts

EURO finals:
The UEFA European Championship was a four-team event in 1960, 1964, 1968, 1972 and 1976 (when the preliminary round and quarter-finals were considered part of qualifying).

From 1980 it was expanded to an eight-team finals and remained in that format in 1984, 1988 and 1992 until 1996, when the 16-team format was adopted. UEFA EURO 2016 was the first tournament to be played as a 24-team finals.

Records of inactive countries
A number of UEFA associations have been affected by dissolution or splits of member associations. For statistical purposes, the records of these inactive countries have been allocated elsewhere: therefore, all Soviet Union matches are awarded to Russia; all West Germany – but not East Germany – matches are awarded to Germany; all Yugoslavia and Serbia & Montenegro matches are awarded to Serbia; all Czechoslovakia matches are allocated to both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Abandoned/forfeited matches
For statisical purposes, when a match has been started and then abandoned but later forfeited, the result on the pitch at the time of abandonment is counted. Matches that never started and were either cancelled or forfeited are not included in the overall statistics.


Other abbreviations

  • (aet): After extra time
  • pens: Penalties
  • No.: Number
  • og: Own goal
  • ag: Match decided on away goals
  • P: Penalty
  • agg: Aggregate
  • Pld: Matches played
  • AP: Appearances
  • Pos.: Position
  • Comp.: Competition
  • Pts: Points
  • D: Drawn
  • R: Sent off (straight red card)
  • DoB: Date of birth
  • Res.: Result
  • ET: Extra Time
  • sg: Match decided by silver goal
  • GA: Goals against
  • t: Match decided by toss of a coin
  • GF: Goals for
  • W: Won
  • gg: Match decided by golden goal
  • Y: Booked
  • L: Lost
  • Y/R: Sent off (two yellow cards)
  • Nat.: Nationality
  • N/A: Not applicable
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