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UEFA Champions League: FC Internazionale Milano - Borussia Dortmund Match press kits

UEFA Champions League - 2019/20 SeasonMatch press kits

FC Internazionale MilanoFC Internazionale MilanoStadio San Siro - MilanWednesday 23 October 2019
21.00CET (21.00 local time)
Group F - Matchday 3
Borussia DortmundBorussia Dortmund
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Previous meetings Only this chapter

Head to Head

17/03/1994QFFC Internazionale Milano - Borussia Dortmund1-2
agg: 4-3
MilanManicone 80; Zorc 38, Ricken 47
01/03/1994QFBorussia Dortmund - FC Internazionale Milano1-3
DortmundSchulz 82; Jonk 33, 35, Shalimov 89
European Champions Clubs' Cup
29/04/1964SFFC Internazionale Milano - Borussia Dortmund2-0
agg: 4-2
MilanMazzola 48, Jair 75
15/04/1964SFBorussia Dortmund - FC Internazionale Milano2-2DortmundBrungs 23, 28; Mazzola 4, Corso 41
FC Internazionale Milano210121100000421185
Borussia Dortmund201121010000411258

FC Internazionale Milano - Record versus clubs from opponents' country

UEFA Europa League
14/03/2019R16FC Internazionale Milano - Eintracht Frankfurt0-1
agg: 0-1
MilanJović 6
07/03/2019R16Eintracht Frankfurt - FC Internazionale Milano0-0Frankfurt am Main
UEFA Europa League
19/03/2015R16FC Internazionale Milano - VfL Wolfsburg1-2
agg: 2-5
MilanPalacio 71; Caligiuri 24, Bendtner 89
12/03/2015R16VfL Wolfsburg - FC Internazionale Milano3-1
WolfsburgNaldo 28, De Bruyne 63, 76; Palacio 6
UEFA Champions League
13/04/2011QFFC Schalke 04 - FC Internazionale Milano2-1
agg: 7-3
GelsenkirchenRaúl González 45, Höwedes 81; Thiago Motta 49
05/04/2011QFFC Internazionale Milano - FC Schalke 042-5
MilanStanković 1, Milito 34; Matip 17, Edu 40, 75, Raúl González 53, Ranocchia 57 (og)
15/03/2011R16FC Bayern München - FC Internazionale Milano2-3
agg: 3-3 ag
MunichGomez 21, Müller 31; Eto'o 4, Sneijder 63, Pandev 88
23/02/2011R16FC Internazionale Milano - FC Bayern München0-1
MilanGomez 90
07/12/2010GSSV Werder Bremen - FC Internazionale Milano3-0
BremenPrödl 39, Arnautović 49, Pizarro 88
29/09/2010GSFC Internazionale Milano - SV Werder Bremen4-0
MilanEto'o 21, 27, 81, Sneijder 34
UEFA Champions League
22/05/2010FFC Bayern München - FC Internazionale Milano0-2
MadridMilito 35, 70
UEFA Champions League
09/12/2008GSSV Werder Bremen - FC Internazionale Milano2-1
BremenPizarro 63, Rosenberg 81; Ibrahimović 88
01/10/2008GSFC Internazionale Milano - SV Werder Bremen1-1MilanMaicon 13; Pizarro 62
UEFA Champions League
05/12/2006GSFC Bayern München - FC Internazionale Milano1-1MunichMakaay 62; Vieira 90+1
27/09/2006GSFC Internazionale Milano - FC Bayern München0-2
MilanPizarro 81, Podolski 90+1
UEFA Champions League
24/11/2004GSSV Werder Bremen - FC Internazionale Milano1-1BremenIsmaël 49 (P); Martins 55
14/09/2004GSFC Internazionale Milano - SV Werder Bremen2-0
MilanAdriano 34 (P), 89
UEFA Champions League
19/03/2003GS2Bayer 04 Leverkusen - FC Internazionale Milano0-2
LeverkusenMartins 36, Emre Belözoğlu 90
10/12/2002GS2FC Internazionale Milano - Bayer 04 Leverkusen3-2
MilanDi Biagio 15, 27, Butt 80 (og); Živković 63, França 90+1
07/12/2000R3FC Internazionale Milano - Hertha BSC Berlin2-1
agg: 2-1
MilanRecoba 5, Hakan Şükür 88; Tretschok 53
21/11/2000R3Hertha BSC Berlin - FC Internazionale Milano0-0Berlin
17/03/1998QFFC Schalke 04 - FC Internazionale Milano1-1
agg 1-2 (aet)
GelsenkirchenGoossens 90; West 92 ET
03/03/1998QFFC Internazionale Milano - FC Schalke 041-0
MilanRonaldo 17
21/05/1997FFC Internazionale Milano - FC Schalke 041-0
agg: 1-1 (aet, 1-4 pens)
MilanZamorano 84
07/05/1997FFC Schalke 04 - FC Internazionale Milano1-0
GelsenkirchenWilmots 69
07/12/1988R3FC Internazionale Milano - FC Bayern München1-3
agg: 3-3 ag
MilanSerena 46; Wohlfarth 33, Augenthaler 37, Wegmann 40
23/11/1988R3FC Bayern München - FC Internazionale Milano0-2
MunichSerena 60, Berti 71
20/03/1985QF1. FC Köln - FC Internazionale Milano1-3
agg: 1-4
CologneBein 65; Marini 18, K-H. Rummenigge 75, 84
06/03/1985QFFC Internazionale Milano - 1. FC Köln1-0
MilanCausio 55
12/12/1984R3FC Internazionale Milano - Hamburger SV1-0
agg: 2-2 ag
MilanBrady 77 (P)
28/11/1984R3Hamburger SV - FC Internazionale Milano2-1
HamburgBergomi 2 (og), Von Heesen 80; K-H. Rummenigge 47
07/11/1979R2FC Internazionale Milano - VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach2-3
agg 3-4 (aet)
MilanAltobelli 24, 93 ET; Nickel 33, 108 ET (P), Ringels 103 ET
24/10/1979R2VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach - FC Internazionale Milano1-1MonchengladbachHannes 39; Altobelli 53
European Champions Clubs' Cup
01/12/1971R2VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach - FC Internazionale Milano0-0
agg: 2-4
03/11/1971R2FC Internazionale Milano - VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach4-2
MilanBellugi 10, Boninsegna 13, Jair 58, Ghio 90; Le Fevre 38, Wittkamp 89

Borussia Dortmund - Record versus clubs from opponents' country

UEFA Europa League
22/02/2018R32Atalanta BC - Borussia Dortmund1-1
agg: 3-4
Reggio EmiliaTolói 11; Schmelzer 83
15/02/2018R32Borussia Dortmund - Atalanta BC3-2
DortmundSchürrle 30, Batshuayi 65, 90+1; Iličić 51, 56
UEFA Champions League
18/03/2015R16Borussia Dortmund - Juventus0-3
agg: 1-5
DortmundTévez 3, 79, Morata 70
24/02/2015R16Juventus - Borussia Dortmund2-1
TurinTévez 13, Morata 43; Reus 18
UEFA Champions League
26/11/2013GSBorussia Dortmund - SSC Napoli3-1
DortmundReus 10 (P), Błaszczykowski 60, Aubameyang 78; Insigne 71
18/09/2013GSSSC Napoli - Borussia Dortmund2-1
NaplesHiguaín 29, Insigne 67; Zúñiga 87 (og)
02/10/2008R1Udinese Calcio - Borussia Dortmund0-2
agg: 2-2 (aet, 4-3 pens)
UdineHajnal 45+1, 90+2
18/09/2008R1Borussia Dortmund - Udinese Calcio0-2
DortmundFloro Flores 8, Inler 34
UEFA Champions League
18/03/2003GS2AC Milan - Borussia Dortmund0-1
MilanKoller 80
11/12/2002GS2Borussia Dortmund - AC Milan0-1
DortmundF. Inzaghi 49
11/04/2002SFAC Milan - Borussia Dortmund3-1
agg: 3-5
MilanF. Inzaghi 10, Contra 18, Serginho 90+2 (P); Ricken 90+4
04/04/2002SFBorussia Dortmund - AC Milan4-0
DortmundAmoroso 7, 33, 39, Heinrich 63
UEFA Champions League
05/11/1997GSBorussia Dortmund - Parma FC2-0
DortmundMöller 50, 75
22/10/1997GSParma FC - Borussia Dortmund1-0
ParmaCrespo 62
UEFA Champions League
28/05/1997FBorussia Dortmund - Juventus3-1
MunichRiedle 29, 34, Ricken 71; Del Piero 65
UEFA Champions League
22/11/1995GSJuventus - Borussia Dortmund1-2
TurinDel Piero 90; Zorc 29, Ricken 65
13/09/1995GSBorussia Dortmund - Juventus1-3
DortmundMöller 1; Padovano 12, Del Piero 37, Conte 69
18/04/1995SFBorussia Dortmund - Juventus1-2
agg: 3-4
DortmundJúlio César 9; Porrini 6, R. Baggio 30
04/04/1995SFJuventus - Borussia Dortmund2-2MilanR. Baggio 27 (P), Kohler 88; Reuter 8, Möller 70
14/03/1995QFBorussia Dortmund - SS Lazio2-0
agg: 2-1
DortmundChapuisat 11 (P), Riedle 90
28/02/1995QFSS Lazio - Borussia Dortmund1-0
RomeFreund 67 (og)
19/05/1993FJuventus - Borussia Dortmund3-0
agg: 6-1
TurinD. Baggio 5, 39, Möller 65
05/05/1993FBorussia Dortmund - Juventus1-3
DortmundM. Rummenigge 2; D. Baggio 26, R. Baggio 30, 73
18/03/1993QFBorussia Dortmund - AS Roma2-0
agg: 2-1
DortmundReuter 40, Sippel 46
02/03/1993QFAS Roma - Borussia Dortmund1-0
RomeMihajlović 67
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
01/11/1989R2UC Sampdoria - Borussia Dortmund2-0
agg: 3-1
GenoaVialli 74, 88
17/10/1989R2Borussia Dortmund - UC Sampdoria1-1DortmundWegmann 64; Mancini 88
European Champions Clubs' Cup
26/03/1958QFAC Milan - Borussia Dortmund4-1
agg: 5-2
MilanCucchiaroni 11, Liedholm 21, Galli 63, Grillo 86; Preissler 37
12/02/1958QFBorussia Dortmund - AC Milan1-1DortmundBergamaschi 90 (og); Galli 45
FC Internazionale Milano1891818585320139169145448
Borussia Dortmund1563615429310233115174151

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Match background Only this chapter

Internazionale welcome Borussia Dortmund to Milan knowing they need to kick-start their stuttering Group F campaign.

• The Italian side have picked up only one point from their first two fixtures and trail both Dortmund and Barcelona, who beat the Nerazzurri on Matchday 2, by three points.

• Inter, however, have struggled at home to German visitors in recent years and will hope to improve on that record in their first games against Dortmund in more than 25 years.

Previous meetings
• The teams last met in the 1993/94 UEFA Cup quarter-finals, Inter – who would go on to lift the trophy, beating Salzburg in the final – going through thanks to a 3-1 first-leg success in Germany in which Wim Jonk scored twice. They were left hanging on, however, after going two goals down back at San Siro – Antonio Manicone's 80th-minute goal ultimately making sure of progress.

• Inter had also come out on top when the teams met in the European Champion Clubs' Cup semi-finals in April 1964, following up a 2-2 draw at Dortmund's former Stadion Rote Erde home with a 2-0 victory at San Siro, Sandro Mazzola scoring in both legs. Once again the Milan club went on to take the trophy, beating Real Madrid 3-1 in the Vienna final to win their first European Cup.

Highlights: Barcelona 2-1 Inter

Form guide
• Having drawn 1-1 at home to Slavia Praha on Matchday 1, Inter went down 2-1 at Barcelona last time out to make it four European fixtures without a win (D2 L2), with only two goals scored in that sequence. They are without a victory in their last six UEFA Champions League matches (D3 L3), scoring just four goals.

• Fourth in Serie A in 2018/19, Inter are the last Italian team to win the UEFA Champions League, in 2010 – their third European Cup triumph, and first in 45 years.

• This is the 13th time Inter have been in the group stage – last season was their first appearance since 2011/12.

• In 2018/19 Inter won their first two fixtures, against Tottenham and PSV Eindhoven, but picked up only two more points to lose out to Spurs on head-to-head record and finished third in Group B, which was won by Barcelona. Moving into the UEFA Europa League, they knocked out Rapid Wien in the round of 32 (1-0 a, 4-0 h) but lost 1-0 in the home second leg, and on aggregate, against Eintracht Frankfurt in the last 16.

• Defeat by Eintracht ended Inter's six-match unbeaten home run in European matches (W4 D2).

Highlights: Inter 1-1 Slavia Praha

• However, the Eintracht result was also Inter's fourth successive home defeat against German visitors; a 4-0 UEFA Champions League group stage defeat of Werder Bremen in September 2010 was their only win in their last seven such fixtures (D1 L5).

• Indeed, home and away Inter are without a win in six games against Bundesliga opponents (D1 L5); a 3-2 victory at Bayern München in March 2011 is their only success in nine matches (D1 L7) although one of only three wins in their last 16 matches with German clubs (D4 L9) came against Bayern in the 2010 UEFA Champions League final (2-0).

• Last season was the first time in nine UEFA Champions League campaigns Inter had failed to progress from their group.

• Dortmund have won only two of their last seven UEFA Champions League matches (D2 L3), although one of those wins came last time out, 2-0 at Slavia. They were three games without a goal before their victory in Prague, drawing 0-0 at home to Barcelona on Matchday 1.

Highlights: Slavia Praha 0-2 Dortmund

• Second in the Bundesliga in 2018/19, this is Dortmund's 14th UEFA Champions League campaign; they were winners in 1997, and runners-up in 2013. BVB have reached the round of 16 in five of their last six participations.

• In last season's group stage, Lucien Favre's side won at Club Brugge (1-0) and Monaco (2-0) either side of a 2-0 loss at Atlético Madrid that featured the only goals scored against them in their six matches. Dortmund conceded the fewest goals in the group stage (two) and kept the most clean sheets (five), but got no further than the last 16, losing both legs against Tottenham (0-3 a, 0-1 h).

• Dortmund have managed only three victories in their last 13 European away matches (D4 L6), although all of those wins have come in their last five matches (L2) – and all in the UEFA Champions League.

• BVB last visited Italy in the 2017/18 UEFA Europa League round of 32, drawing 1-1 in their second leg at Atalanta to go through 4-3 on aggregate. They lost their first seven away matches against Italian clubs, including those two at Inter, but have improved that record in their last nine contests (W3 D2 L4). Their one UEFA Champions League triumph came at the expense of Italian opposition in the 1997 final when they beat Juventus 3-1 in Munich.

Highlights: Dortmund 0-0 Barcelona

Links and trivia
• Has played in Germany:
Valentino Lazaro (Hertha Berlin 2017–19)

• Mario Götze scored as Germany defeated Italy 4-1 in a March 2016 friendly; Antonio Conte was the Italy coach and Andrea Ranocchia a second-half substitute.

• International team-mates:
Lautaro Martínez & Leonardo Balerdi (Argentina)
Romelu Lukaku & Axel Witsel, Thorgan Hazard (Belgium)

• Lautaro Martínez's Argentina drew 2-2 in a friendly against a Germany side including Julian Brandt on 9 October.

Latest news

• Inter's six-game winning run to start the new Serie A season was ended by a 2-1 loss at home to Juventus on 6 October.

• The Nerazzurri conceded only two goals in their first six Serie A games, keeping four clean sheets, but, having won 4-3 at Sassuolo on Sunday, have now shipped five in their last two matches.

• Romelu Lukaku ended a four-game scoreless run for Inter with two goals at Sassuolo; the last four of his five Serie A strikes have come in away games.

• Lautaro Martínez also scored twice on Sunday and has found the net in Inter's last three games in all competitions, four goals in total.

• Inter won their first six games in a Serie A season only once before, in 1966/67.

• Lukaku scored twice for Belgium in the 9-0 win over San Marino on 10 October that secured their place at UEFA EURO 2020.

• Valentino Lazaro scored in Austria's 3-1 EURO qualifying win against Israel on 10 October and set up the only goal of the game against Slovenia three days later.

• Marcelo Brozović won his 50th cap for Croatia on 10 October as they beat Hungary 3-0 at home in a UEFA EURO 2020 qualifier.

• Alexis Sánchez suffered an ankle injury on international duty with Chile and has undergone surgery that is expected to keep him out until the new year.

• Danilo D'Ambrosio suffered a broken toe during Italy's 2-0 win against Greece on 12 October that confirmed the Azzurri's place at UEFA EURO 2020 and missed the Sassuolo game.

• Stefano Sensi missed both Italy games during the international break after suffering a thigh injury in the defeat against Juve, and did not feature at Sassuolo either.

• Antonio Conte replaced Luciano Spalletti as Inter coach in the summer, signing a three-year contract with the Nerazzurri. He has now won 21 of his last 23 Serie A games, with Juventus in 2013/14 and Inter this season.

• Axel Witsel's next appearance in the UEFA Champions League, group stage to final, will be his 50th.

• BVB had drawn three successive Bundesliga games 2-2 – away to Eintracht Frankfurt and Freiburg and at home against Werder Bremen – before Saturday's 1-0 home win against Bundesliga leaders Borussia Mönchengladbach.

• Dortmund have 15 points from their first eight Bundesliga games this season, five points less than at the same stage of 2018/19.

• The defeat of Mönchengladbach meant BVB set a new club record, finding the net in 29 successive Bundesliga home games; the previous record of 28 was set between February 2011 and October 2012. They had scored two or more in 20 in a row before finding the net only once on Saturday.

• Achraf Hakimi has scored three goals in BVB's last three games.

• Witsel and Thorgan Hazard both helped Belgium qualify for UEFA EURO 2020 during the international break. Although neither featured in the 9-0 win against San Marino that clinched a place in next summer's finals, both played 90 minutes against Kazakhstan on 13 October (2-0).

• Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Bürki was forced off midway through the second half on Saturday after a heavy collision, Marwin Hitz taking his place for the final 19 minutes.

• Łukasz Piszczek suffered an adductors injury on 5 October in Freiburg, returning as an added-time substitute on Saturday.

• Paco Alcácer, who has scored ten goals in 11 competitive matches this season for club and country, has missed Dortmund's last three games as well as Spain's qualification for UEFA EURO 2020 in the international break due to Achilles tendon problems.

• Nico Schulz suffered a foot injury in Germany's 4-2 loss against the Netherlands on 6 September, returning to play 90 minutes for Dortmund on Saturday.

• On 17 October Raphaël Guerreiro extended his contract until 2023.

FootballPeople weeks
The FootballPeople weeks take place from 10 to 24 October 2019 and are organised by UEFA's social responsibility partner Fare. The weeks are a global campaign aimed at tackling discrimination and celebrating diversity in football. The UEFA Champions League is offering its full support to the FootballPeople weeks; teams will line up for a mixed photo with the referees, while an #EqualGame hashtag will also be on display. Videos will be played on giant screens at stadiums across Europe, and child mascots will be wearing #FootballPeople t-shirts. UEFA's collaboration with the Fare network's FootballPeople weeks has been running since 2001. The aim of this initiative fits in perfectly with the goals of #EqualGame, which is looking to promote inclusion, diversity and accessibility.


Squad list Only this chapter

FC Internazionale Milano - Squad list
Current seasonAll-time
1Samir HandanovičSVN14/07/198435 - --2-8-8-52-
27Daniele PadelliITA25/10/198533 - --------14-
35Filip StankovicSRB25/02/200217 - ----------
38Giacomo PozzerITA19/02/200118 - ----------
2Diego GodínURU16/02/198633 - --1-5-6041016
6Stefan de VrijNED05/02/199227 - --2-6-7-261
13Andrea RanocchiaITA16/02/198831 - ----2-6-301
18Kwadwo AsamoahGHA09/12/198830 - --2-6-29-53-
21Federico DimarcoITA10/11/199721 - --------1-
31Lorenzo PirolaITA20/02/200217 - ----------
33Danilo D'AmbrosioITA09/09/198831 - --2-616-223
34Cristiano BiraghiITA01/09/199227 - ----2-2-2-
37Milan ŠkriniarSVK11/02/199524 - --2-8-8-20-
95Alessandro BastoniITA13/04/199920 - ----3-----
5Roberto GagliardiniITA07/04/199425 - --2-412-2-
8Matías VecinoURU24/08/199128 - ----6-51233
12Stefano SensiITA05/08/199524 - --2-732-4-
19Valentino LazaroAUT24/03/199623 - --1-1-1-242
20Borja ValeroESP12/01/198534 - ------10-634
23Nicolò BarellaITA07/02/199722 - --218-2121
36Thomas SchiròITA25/04/200019 - ----------
77Marcelo BrozovićCRO16/11/199226 - --2-8214-394
87Antonio CandrevaITA28/02/198732 - --2-617-484
7Alexis SánchezCHI19/12/198830 - --1-3153126614
9Romelu LukakuBEL13/05/199326 - --1-851875124
10Lautaro MartínezARG22/08/199722 - --21845182
16Matteo PolitanoITA03/08/199326 - --2-7-8-214
30Sebastiano EspositoITA02/07/200217 - --------1-
-Antonio ConteITA31/07/196950 - --2---20-28-
Borussia Dortmund - Squad list
Current seasonAll-time
1Roman BürkiSUI14/11/199028 - --2-7-23-36-
20Jonas HupeGER01/12/199919 - ----------
25Luca UnbehaunGER27/02/200118 - ----------
35Marwin HitzSUI18/09/198732 - ----2-1-13-
36Lucien HawrylukGER05/10/200019 - ----------
40Eric OelschlägelGER20/09/199524 - ----------
2Dan-Axel ZagadouFRA03/06/199920 - --1-2-7-8-
5Achraf HakimiMAR04/11/199820 - --22829292
13Raphaël GuerreiroPOR22/12/199325 - --2-51176186
14Nico SchulzGER01/04/199326 - ----3-8-141
15Mats HummelsGER16/12/198830 - --2-7-534766
16Manuel AkanjiSUI19/07/199524 - --2-8-13-14-
18Leonardo BalerdiARG26/01/199920 - ----------
22Mateu MoreyESP02/03/200019 - ----------
26Łukasz PiszczekPOL03/06/198534 - --1-6-46-835
29Marcel SchmelzerGER22/01/198831 - ----1-431692
6Thomas DelaneyDEN03/09/199128 - --2-5-221583
8Mahmoud DahoudGER01/01/199623 - ----2-18-291
11Marco ReusGER31/05/198930 - --2-8538175526
19Julian BrandtGER02/05/199623 - --2-81231372
23Thorgan HazardBEL29/03/199326 - --2-7-101339
28Axel WitselBEL12/01/198930 - --2-724939513
30Immanuel PheraiNED25/04/200118 - ----------
31Patrick OsterhageGER01/02/200019 - ----------
32Giovanni ReynaPOR13/11/200216 - ----------
33Julian WeiglGER08/09/199524 - ----6-181361
34Jacob Bruun LarsenDEN19/09/199821 - --1-3-6161
37Tobias RaschlGER21/02/200019 - ----------
38Jano BaxmannGER18/01/199920 - ----------
39Dominik WannerGER04/05/199920 - ----------
7Jadon SanchoENG25/03/200019 - --2-739191
9Paco AlcácerESP30/08/199326 - --1-65162319
10Mario GötzeGER03/06/199227 - --1-4159127014
-Lucien FavreSUI02/11/195761 - --2---11-75-

Last updated 23/10/2019 10:23CET

Head coach Only this chapter

Antonio Conte

Date of birth: 31 July 1969
Nationality: Italian
Playing career: Lecce, Juventus
Coaching career: Siena (assistant), Arezzo, Bari, Atalanta, Siena, Juventus, Italy, Chelsea, Internazionale

• A combative and versatile midfielder, Conte also weighed in with his share of goals – usually spectacular. Made Serie A debut with hometown club Lecce aged 16 in 1985/86 but was not a regular until 1988/89 when his side returned to the top flight after two seasons away. Joined Juventus in November 1991.

• Spent the next 13 seasons at Juve, later describing the famous black-and-white shirt as his "second skin". Won five league titles, the UEFA Champions League in 1995/96 and the UEFA Cup in 1992/93 in addition to triumphs in the UEFA Super Cup, Italian Cup and European/South American Cup, wearing the captain's armband from 1996. Capped 20 times by Italy, he was part of the squads that finished runners-up at the 1994 FIFA World Cup and UEFA EURO 2000.

• Started coaching career as assistant at Siena in 2005, taking over Serie B side Arezzo the following season. After leading Bari and Siena to the top flight in 2009 and 2011 respectively, he signed a two-year contract with Juventus.

• Wasted no time in revamping the squad and enjoyed a debut season to remember as the Bianconeri claimed the Scudetto without losing a single game, suffering their sole defeat of the season against Napoli in the Coppa Italia final. Led Juventus to a second successive title in 2013 and made it three in a row the following year, before stepping down in July 2014.

• Appointed Italy coach on a two-year deal a month later, he guided the Azzurri undefeated to UEFA EURO 2016 and took them to the quarter-finals in France before opting for a new challenge at Chelsea. Proved an instant success in England, winning the Premier League title and reaching the FA Cup final in his first season, and won the FA Cup in his second campaign only to be relieved of his duties a month later; after a year's sabbatical he was appointed Inter coach on 31 May 2019.


Lucien Favre

Date of birth: 2 November 1957
Nationality: Swiss
Playing career: Oulens, Lausanne, Neuchâtel Xamax, Servette (twice), Toulouse
Coaching career: Echallens (youth), Echallens, Yverdon-Sport, Servette, Zürich, Hertha Berlin, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Nice, Borussia Dortmund

• Capped 24 times by Switzerland, Favre was a playmaker during his playing days, with his career blighted by a persistent knee injury. Nevertheless, he won the 1985 Swiss league with Servette, two years after being voted Footballer of the Year.

• During his first stint as a coach he guided Echallens into the second tier for the first time in their history, before winning promotion to the top flight at his new club Yverdon. In 2001 he won the Swiss Cup with Servette, also guiding the club to the UEFA Cup fourth round, and joined Zürich in spring 2003, winning the Swiss Cup (2005) as well as back-to-back league titles in 2006 and 2007 and being voted Swiss coach of the year two years running.

• In summer 2007, he left for Germany to join Hertha, unexpectedly guiding the capital side to fourth place in 2008/09. He was voted coach of the year in Germany after that term, but left his post in September.

• Took over at Gladbach in February 2011 and guided them to safety via the relegation play-offs before finishing fourth the next season to return the club to Europe after 16 years. In 2014/15, a third-placed finish in the Bundesliga earned Gladbach a UEFA Champions League group stage place and Favre Germany's coach of the year award for a second time.

• Resigned in September 2015 and took over at French side Nice the following May, overseeing a third-placed finish in 2016/17. Returned to Germany to take charge of Dortmund in May 2018, the club finishing as Bundesliga runners-up in his debut campaign.


Match officials Only this chapter

  • RefereeAnthony Taylor (ENG)
  • Assistant refereesGary Beswick (ENG) , Adam Nunn (ENG)
  • Video Assistant RefereeStuart Attwell (ENG)
  • Fourth officialDavid Coote (ENG)
  • Assistant Video Assistant RefereePaul Tierney (ENG)
  • UEFA DelegateMartin Sturkenboom (NED)
  • UEFA Referee observerMiroslav Tulinger (CZE)


NameDate of birthUEFA Champions League matchesUEFA matches
Anthony Taylor20/10/19781751

UEFA Champions League matches involving teams from the two countries involved in this match

DateCompetitionStage reachedHomeAwayResultVenue
13/09/2016UCLGSFC Bayern MünchenFC Rostov5-0Munich
07/12/2016UCLGSJuventusGNK Dinamo Zagreb2-0Turin
22/11/2017UCLGSRSC AnderlechtFC Bayern München1-2Brussels
03/10/2018UCLGSFC Lokomotiv MoskvaFC Schalke 040-1Moscow
24/10/2018UCLGSBorussia DortmundClub Atlético de Madrid4-0Dortmund
12/12/2018UCLGSFC Viktoria PlzeňAS Roma2-1Plzen

Other matches involving teams from either of the two countries involved in this match

DateCompetitionStage reachedHomeAwayResultVenue
23/10/2014UELGSFC Internazionale MilanoAS Saint-Étienne0-0Milan
01/10/2015UELGSPAOK FCBorussia Dortmund1-1Salonika
13/09/2016UCLGSFC Bayern MünchenFC Rostov5-0Munich
07/12/2016UCLGSJuventusGNK Dinamo Zagreb2-0Turin
09/03/2017UELR16Olympique LyonnaisAS Roma4-2Decines
22/11/2017UCLGSRSC AnderlechtFC Bayern München1-2Brussels
22/02/2018UELR32RB LeipzigSSC Napoli0-2Leipzig
03/10/2018UCLGSFC Lokomotiv MoskvaFC Schalke 040-1Moscow
24/10/2018UCLGSBorussia DortmundClub Atlético de Madrid4-0Dortmund
12/12/2018UCLGSFC Viktoria PlzeňAS Roma2-1Plzen
14/02/2019UELR32FC Shakhtar DonetskEintracht Frankfurt2-2Kharkiv
20/02/2019UELR32Sevilla FCSS Lazio2-0Seville
11/04/2019UELQFSL BenficaEintracht Frankfurt4-2Lisbon

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Fixtures and results Only this chapter

FC Internazionale MilanoFixtures and results
26/08/2019LeagueUS Lecce (H)W 4-0Brozović 21, Sensi 24, R. Lukaku 60, Candreva 84
01/09/2019LeagueCagliari Calcio (A)W 2-1Martínez 27, R. Lukaku 72 (P)
14/09/2019LeagueUdinese Calcio (H)W 1-0Sensi 44
17/09/2019UCLSK Slavia Praha (H)D 1-1Barella 90+2
21/09/2019LeagueAC Milan (A)W 2-0Brozović 49, R. Lukaku 78
25/09/2019LeagueSS Lazio (H)W 1-0D'Ambrosio 23
28/09/2019LeagueUC Sampdoria (A)W 3-1Sensi 20, Alexis Sánchez 22, Gagliardini 61
02/10/2019UCLFC Barcelona (A)L 1-2Martínez 3
06/10/2019LeagueJuventus (H)L 1-2Martínez 18 (P)
20/10/2019LeagueUS Sassuolo Calcio (A)W 4-3Martínez 2, 71 (P), R. Lukaku 38, 45 (P)
23/10/2019UCLBorussia Dortmund (H)
26/10/2019LeagueParma FC (H)
29/10/2019LeagueBrescia Calcio (A)
02/11/2019LeagueBologna FC (A)
05/11/2019UCLBorussia Dortmund (A)
09/11/2019LeagueHellas Verona FC (H)
23/11/2019LeagueTorino FC (A)
27/11/2019UCLSK Slavia Praha (A)
01/12/2019LeagueSPAL (H)
06/12/2019LeagueAS Roma (H)
10/12/2019UCLFC Barcelona (H)
15/12/2019LeagueACF Fiorentina (A)
22/12/2019LeagueGenoa CFC (H)
05/01/2020LeagueSSC Napoli (A)
12/01/2020LeagueAtalanta BC (H)
19/01/2020LeagueUS Lecce (A)
26/01/2020LeagueCagliari Calcio (H)
02/02/2020LeagueUdinese Calcio (A)
09/02/2020LeagueAC Milan (H)
16/02/2020LeagueSS Lazio (A)
23/02/2020LeagueUC Sampdoria (H)
01/03/2020LeagueJuventus (A)
08/03/2020LeagueUS Sassuolo Calcio (H)
15/03/2020LeagueParma FC (A)
22/03/2020LeagueBrescia Calcio (H)
05/04/2020LeagueBologna FC (H)
11/04/2020LeagueHellas Verona FC (A)
19/04/2020LeagueTorino FC (H)
22/04/2020LeagueSPAL (A)
26/04/2020LeagueAS Roma (A)
03/05/2020LeagueACF Fiorentina (H)
10/05/2020LeagueGenoa CFC (A)
17/05/2020LeagueSSC Napoli (H)
24/05/2020LeagueAtalanta BC (A)
2FC Internazionale Milano870118721
3Atalanta BC8521211317
4SSC Napoli8512171016
5Cagliari Calcio842212714
6AS Roma8341121013
7SS Lazio833216912
8Parma FC8404131112
9ACF Fiorentina8332121012
10Torino FC8314101110
11Udinese Calcio83144610
12AC Milan831481110
13Bologna FC823310119
14Hellas Verona FC8233679
15Brescia Calcio7214797
16US Lecce82159177
17US Sassuolo Calcio720514166
19Genoa CFC81259205
20UC Sampdoria81164164
Borussia DortmundFixtures and results
09/08/2019CupKFC Uerdingen 05 (A)W 2-0Reus 49, Alcácer 70
17/08/2019LeagueFC Augsburg (H)W 5-1Alcácer 3, 59, Sancho 51, Reus 57, Brandt 82
23/08/2019League1. FC Köln (A)W 3-1Sancho 70, Hakimi 86, Alcácer 90+4
31/08/2019League1. FC Union Berlin (A)L 1-3Alcácer 25
14/09/2019LeagueBayer 04 Leverkusen (H)W 4-0Alcácer 28, Reus 50, 90, Guerreiro 83
17/09/2019UCLFC Barcelona (H)D 0-0
22/09/2019LeagueEintracht Frankfurt (A)D 2-2Witsel 11, Sancho 66
28/09/2019LeagueSV Werder Bremen (H)D 2-2Götze 9, Reus 41
02/10/2019UCLSK Slavia Praha (A)W 2-0Hakimi 35, 89
05/10/2019LeagueSC Freiburg (A)D 2-2Witsel 20, Hakimi 67
19/10/2019LeagueVfL Borussia Mönchengladbach (H)W 1-0Reus 58
23/10/2019UCLFC Internazionale Milano (A)
26/10/2019LeagueFC Schalke 04 (A)
30/10/2019CupVfL Borussia Mönchengladbach (H)
02/11/2019LeagueVfL Wolfsburg (H)
05/11/2019UCLFC Internazionale Milano (H)
09/11/2019LeagueFC Bayern München (A)
22/11/2019LeagueSC Paderborn 07 (H)
27/11/2019UCLFC Barcelona (A)
30/11/2019LeagueHertha BSC Berlin (A)
07/12/2019LeagueFortuna Düsseldorf (H)
10/12/2019UCLSK Slavia Praha (H)
14/12/2019League1. FSV Mainz 05 (A)
17/12/2019LeagueRB Leipzig (H)
20/12/2019LeagueTSG 1899 Hoffenheim (A)
18/01/2020LeagueFC Augsburg (A)
25/01/2020League1. FC Köln (H)
01/02/2020League1. FC Union Berlin (H)
08/02/2020LeagueBayer 04 Leverkusen (A)
15/02/2020LeagueEintracht Frankfurt (H)
22/02/2020LeagueSV Werder Bremen (A)
29/02/2020LeagueSC Freiburg (H)
07/03/2020LeagueVfL Borussia Mönchengladbach (A)
14/03/2020LeagueFC Schalke 04 (H)
21/03/2020LeagueVfL Wolfsburg (A)
04/04/2020LeagueFC Bayern München (H)
11/04/2020LeagueSC Paderborn 07 (A)
18/04/2020LeagueHertha BSC Berlin (H)
25/04/2020LeagueFortuna Düsseldorf (A)
02/05/2020League1. FSV Mainz 05 (H)
09/05/2020LeagueRB Leipzig (A)
16/05/2020LeagueTSG 1899 Hoffenheim (H)
1VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach851215716
2VfL Wolfsburg844011516
3FC Bayern München8431221015
4Borussia Dortmund8431201115
5RB Leipzig843116815
6SC Freiburg842215914
7FC Schalke 04842214914
8Eintracht Frankfurt8422141014
9Bayer 04 Leverkusen8422121114
10Hertha BSC Berlin8323131311
11TSG 1899 Hoffenheim832381111
12SV Werder Bremen823313179
13Fortuna Düsseldorf821510147
141. FC Union Berlin82158137
151. FC Köln82158167
16FC Augsburg813410216
171. FSV Mainz 0582067186
18SC Paderborn 0780179221

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Match-by-match lineups Only this chapter

FC Internazionale Milano

  • UEFA Champions League - Group stage
    Group F - Group Standings
    Borussia Dortmund2110204
    FC Barcelona2110214
    FC Internazionale Milano2011231
    SK Slavia Praha2011131
    Matchday 1 (17/09/2019)
    FC Internazionale Milano 1-1 SK Slavia Praha
    0-1 Olayinka 63, 1-1 Barella 90+2
    Handanovič, Gagliardini, De Vrij, R. Lukaku, Martínez (71 Politano), Sensi, Asamoah, D'Ambrosio, Škriniar, Brozović (71 Barella), Candreva (49 Lazaro)
  • Matchday 2 (02/10/2019)
    FC Barcelona 2-1 FC Internazionale Milano
    0-1 Martínez 3, 1-1 Luis Suárez 58, 2-1 Luis Suárez 84
    Handanovič, Godín, De Vrij, Alexis Sánchez (66 Gagliardini), Martínez, Sensi (79 Politano), Asamoah, Barella, Škriniar, Brozović, Candreva (71 D'Ambrosio)
  • Matchday 3 (23/10/2019)
    FC Internazionale Milano-Borussia Dortmund
  • Matchday 4 (05/11/2019)
    Borussia Dortmund-FC Internazionale Milano
  • Matchday 5 (27/11/2019)
    SK Slavia Praha-FC Internazionale Milano
  • Matchday 6 (10/12/2019)
    FC Internazionale Milano-FC Barcelona

Borussia Dortmund

  • UEFA Champions League - Group stage
    Matchday 1 (17/09/2019)
    Borussia Dortmund 0-0 FC Barcelona
    Bürki, Hakimi, Delaney, Sancho, Alcácer (87 Bruun Larsen), Reus, Guerreiro, Hummels, Akanji, T. Hazard (73 Brandt), Witsel
  • Matchday 2 (02/10/2019)
    SK Slavia Praha 0-2 Borussia Dortmund
    0-1 Hakimi 35, 0-2 Hakimi 89
    Bürki, Hakimi (90 Zagadou), Delaney, Sancho (74 T. Hazard), Reus, Guerreiro, Hummels, Akanji, Brandt (92 Götze), Piszczek, Witsel
  • Matchday 3 (23/10/2019)
    FC Internazionale Milano-Borussia Dortmund
  • Matchday 4 (05/11/2019)
    Borussia Dortmund-FC Internazionale Milano
  • Matchday 5 (27/11/2019)
    FC Barcelona-Borussia Dortmund
  • Matchday 6 (10/12/2019)
    Borussia Dortmund-SK Slavia Praha

Last updated 03/10/2019 13:28CET

Competition facts Only this chapter

UEFA Champions League: Did you know?

Overall records
• In 2012/13, Chelsea became the first defending champions to fail to get through a group stage since the UEFA Champions League began. (This record, like the others, includes the seasons between 1999/2000 and 2002/03 that featured a second group stage). In 1992/93, Barcelona were the reigning European Champion Clubs' Cup holders and lost 4-3 on aggregate in the second round to CSKA Moskva.

• In 2016/17 Real Madrid became the first team to successfully defend the UEFA Champions League trophy, with AC Milan (1989, 1990) the previous club to win consecutive European Cups. Milan (1994, 1995), Ajax (1995, 1996), Juventus (1996, 1997) and Manchester United (2008, 2009) have all returned to the UEFA Champions League final as holders only to lose.

• Real Madrid then made it three wins in a row in 2017/18, becoming the fourth club to win three or more successive titles in European Cup history, and the first to do it twice.

• Only two teams have ever won the UEFA Champions League on home soil: Borussia Dortmund (1997, final in Munich) and Juventus (1996, final in Rome), while Manchester United lost the 2011 final in London and 12 months later Bayern were beaten in the showpiece in their own stadium, the Fußball Arena München.

Group stage
• Barcelona have finished as group winners on 20 occasions, four more than Real Madrid and five more than Bayern München and Manchester United. Barça also hold the record for the most unbeaten group stage campaigns with 12, four more than Real Madrid.

• Bayern München (2 April 2013 to 27 November 2013) and Real Madrid (23 April 2014 to 18 February 2015) jointly hold the record for successive wins in the UEFA Champions League proper with ten. Bayern surpassed the previous mark of nine, set by Barcelona between 18 September 2002 and 18 February 2003.

• Six teams have recorded six successive victories in a UEFA Champions League group stage: Milan (1992/93), Paris Saint-Germain (1994/95), Spartak Moskva (1995/96), Barcelona (2002/03, first group stage) and Real Madrid (2011/12 and 2014/15).

• Twenty-one teams have gone through a UEFA Champions League group stage without picking up a single point, most recently AEK Athens in 2018/19.

• In 2017/18, Paris Saint-Germain set a new group stage record by scoring 25 goals, with Liverpool (23) also eclipsing the old mark of 21 set by Borussia Dortmund in 2016/17. Manchester United (1998/99), Barcelona (2011/12, 2016/17) and Real Madrid (2013/14) all managed 20.

• Only Deportivo La Coruña (2004/05), Maccabi Haifa (2009/10) and Dinamo Zagreb (2016/17) have failed to score in a group stage.

• BATE Borisov conceded 24 goals in 2014/15, a new group stage record which was matched by Legia Warszawa in 2016/17. The previous mark, 22, was held by Dinamo Zagreb (2011/12) and Nordsjælland (2012/13); Malmö shipped 21 in 2015/16.

• No team has ever gone through a UEFA Champions League group stage without conceding a goal. Milan (1992/93), Ajax (1995/96), Juventus (1996/97 and 2004/05), Chelsea (2005/06), Liverpool (2005/06), Villarreal (2005/06), Manchester United (2010/11), Monaco (2014/15), Paris Saint-Germain (2015/16) and Barcelona (2017/18) all let in just one.

• Matchday six of the 2013/14 marked FCSB's 23rd successive game in the competition without a victory, surpassing the previous record of 22 set by Spartak Moskva between December 2000 and November 2006.

• Anderlecht hold the unwanted record for successive defeats in the competition, group stage to final, having lost 12 in a row between December 2003 and November 2005. Dinamo Zagreb are next with 11 consecutive losses on two occasions, from September 2011 to November 2012 and ongoing since September 2015.

• The lowest total for a team qualifying from the group stage is six points: Zenit in 2013/14 and Roma in 2015/16. Since three points for a win was introduced in 1995/96, nine teams have made it through with seven points: Legia Warszawa (1995/96), Dynamo Kyiv (1999/2000), Liverpool (2001/02, second group stage), in 2002/03 Lokomotiv Moskva (first group stage) and eventual finalists Juventus (second group stage), Rangers and Werder Bremen (2005/06), Galatasaray (2013/14) and Basel (2014/15).

• Napoli failed to qualify from their group with 12 points in 2013/14, the highest total of any team not to reach the next stage when the top two in each section progressed. Dynamo Kyiv (1999/2000, second group stage), Borussia Dortmund (2002/03, second group stage), PSV Eindhoven (2003/04), Olympiacos and Dynamo Kyiv (both 2004/05), Werder Bremen (2006/07), Manchester City (2011/12), Chelsea and Cluj (both 2012/13), Benfica (2013/14) and Porto (2015/16) all missed out with ten points.

Goalscoring records
• Lionel Messi became the first player to score five goals in a match in Barcelona's 7-1 win against Bayer Leverkusen on 7 March 2012, a feat matched by Shakhtar Donetsk's Luiz Adriano at BATE Borisov on 21 October 2014. Eleven more players, also including Messi, have scored four times in a game, most recently Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid on matchday six in 2015/16.

• Cristiano Ronaldo set a new record for a UEFA Champions League group stage with 11 goals in 2015/16, eclipsing his own mark of nine in 2013/14, which Luiz Adriano matched in 2014/15 and Ronaldo himself equalled in 2017/18. Lionel Messi got ten goals in 2016/17; Zlatan Ibrahimović (2013/14), Ruud van Nistelrooy (2004/05), Filippo Inzaghi, Hernán Crespo (both 2002/03) and Robert Lewandowski (2018/19) managed eight.

• Messi's hat-trick against PSV Eindhoven on matchday one of the 2018/19 competition was his eighth in the competition, a mark Ronaldo matched against Atlético Madrid in that season's round of 16 second leg.

Oldest and youngest players
• Lazio goalkeeper Marco Ballotta is the oldest player to compete in the UEFA Champions League having featured against Real Madrid on matchday six in 2007/08 aged 43 years and 252 days. Alessandro Costacurta is the oldest outfield player; the Milan defender was 40 years and 211 days when he played against AEK Athens in 2006/07.

• Francesco Totti is the oldest player to score in the competition, aged 38 years and 59 days, in Roma's 1-1 draw at CSKA Moskva on 25 November 2014. Ryan Giggs (37 years 290 days) was the previous record holder.

• Celestine Babayaro is the youngest player to have appeared; he was 16 years and 87 days when he started for Anderlecht against Steaua Bucureşti on 23 November 1994. He was sent off in the 37th minute.

• Peter Ofori-Quaye is the youngest player to have scored in the UEFA Champions League, aged 17 years and 195 days. He found the net in Olympiacos's 5-1 defeat at Rosenborg on 1 October 1997.


Team facts Only this chapter

FC Internazionale Milano
Nicknames: Nerazzurri (Black and Blues), La Beneamata (The Beloved)

UEFA club competition honours (runners-up in brackets)
• European Cup/UEFA Champions League (3): 1964, 1965, (1967), (1972), 2010
• UEFA Cup (3): 1991, 1994, (1997), 1998
• European/South American Cup (2): 1964, 1965

Domestic honours (most recent triumph in brackets)
League title: 18 (2010)
Italian Cup: 7 (2011)

Ten-year European record (UEFA Champions League unless indicated otherwise)
UEFA Europa League round of 16 (having transferred from UEFA Champions League group stage)
2017/18: did not take part in UEFA club competition
UEFA Europa League group stage
did not take part in UEFA club competition
2014/15: UEFA Europa League round of 16
2013/14: did not take part in UEFA competition
2012/13: UEFA Europa League round of 16
2011/12: round of 16
2010/11: quarter-finals
2009/10: winners

UEFA club competition

• Biggest home win
6-0 twice, most recently v Stjarnan
28/08/14, UEFA Europa League play-off second leg

• Biggest away win
1-5: Valencia v Inter
20/10/04, UEFA Champions League group stage

• Heaviest home defeat
1-5: Inter v Arsenal
25/11/03, UEFA Champions League group stage

• Heaviest away defeat
5-1: Real Madrid v Inter
16/04/86, UEFA Cup semi-final second leg

UEFA Champions League (group stage to final)
• Biggest home win
4-0 twice, most recently v Werder Bremen
29/09/10, group stage

• Biggest away win
1-5: Valencia v Inter (see above)

• Heaviest home defeat
1-5: Inter v Arsenal (see above)

• Heaviest away defeat
3-0 three times, most recently v Werder Bremen
07/12/10, group stage


Borussia Dortmund
Nickname: BVB

UEFA club competition honours (runners-up in brackets)
• UEFA Champions League (1): 1997, (2013)
• UEFA Cup: (1993), (2002)
• UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (1): 1966
• UEFA Super Cup: (1997)
• European/South American Cup (1): 1997

Domestic honours (most recent triumph in brackets)
League title: 8 (2012)
German Cup: 4 (2017)

Ten-year European record (UEFA Champions League unless indicated otherwise)
round of 16
2017/18: UEFA Europa League round of 16 (having transferred from UEFA Champions League group stage)
UEFA Europa League quarter-finals
round of 16
2013/14: quarter-finals
group stage
UEFA Europa League group stage
did not take part in UEFA club competition

UEFA club competition
• Biggest home win
8-0: Dortmund v Floriana
10/10/65, European Cup Winners' Cup preliminary round second leg

• Biggest away win
0-6: Legia Warszawa v Dortmund
14/09/16, UEFA Champions League group stage

• Heaviest home defeat
0-3: Dortmund v Juventus
18/03/15, UEFA Champions League round of 16 second leg

• Heaviest away defeat
5-0: Club Brugge v Dortmund (aet)
09/12/87, UEFA Cup third round second leg

UEFA Champions League (group stage to final)
• Biggest home win
8-4: Dortmund v Legia Warszawa
22/11/16, group stage
4-0 twice, most recently v Atlético
24/10/18, group stage

• Biggest away win
0-6: Legia Warszawa v Dortmund (see above)

• Heaviest home defeat
0-3: Dortmund v Juventus (see above)

• Heaviest away defeat
3-0 three times, most recently v Tottenham
13/02/19, round of 16 first leg



The all-time record of the competing clubs in UEFA club competition.

UEFA club competition: These are the official statistics considered valid for communicating official records in UEFA club competition defined as European Champion Clubs' Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Cup Winner's Cup UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Intertoto Cup and European/South American Cup. Matches in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup and the 1972 Super Cup are not included as they were not held under UEFA auspices, while the FIFA Club World Cup is excluded.

Match officials

UCL: Total matches officiated in the UEFA Champions League from 1992/93 season, group stage to final only. Matches where the official has acted as the fourth official are not included in these statistics. These are the official statistics considered valid for communicating official records.

UEFA: Total matches officiated in UEFA club competition including all qualifying round matches. Matches where the official has acted as the fourth official are not included in these statistics. These are the official statistics considered valid for communicating official records.


Club competitions
  • UCL: UEFA Champions League
  • ECCC: European Champion Clubs' Cup
  • UEL: UEFA Europa League
  • UCUP: UEFA Cup
  • UCWC: UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
  • SCUP: UEFA Super Cup
  • UIC: UEFA Intertoto Cup
  • ICF: Inter-Cities Fairs Cup
National team competitions
  • EURO: UEFA European Football Championship
  • WC: FIFA World Cup
  • CONFCUP: FIFA Confederations Cup
  • FRIE: Friendly internationals
  • U21FRIE: Under-21 friendly internationals
  • U21: UEFA European Under-21 Championship
  • U17: UEFA Under-17 Championship
  • U16: UEFA European Under-16 Championship
  • U19: UEFA Under-19 Championship
  • U18: UEFA European Under-18 Championship
  • WWC: FIFA Women's World Cup
  • WEURO: UEFA European Women's Championship

Competition stages

  • F: Final
  • GS: Group stage
  • GS1: First group stage
  • GS2: Second group stage
  • 3QR: Third qualifying round
  • R1: First round
  • R2: Second round
  • R3: Third round
  • R4: Fourth round
  • PR: Preliminary round
  • SF: Semi-finals
  • QF: Quarter-finals
  • R16: round of 16
  • QR: Qualifying round
  • R32: Round of 32
  • 1QR: First qualifying round
  • 1st: first leg
  • 2QR: Second qualifying round
  • 2nd: second leg
  • FT: Final tournament
  • PO: Play-off
  • ELITE: Elite round
  • Rep: Replay
  • 3rdPO: Third-place play-off
  • PO - FT: Play-off for Final Tournament
  • GS-FT: Group stage – final tournament

Other abbreviations

  • (aet): After extra time
  • pens: Penalties
  • No.: Number
  • og: Own goal
  • ag: Match decided on away goals
  • P: Penalty
  • agg: Aggregate
  • Pld: Matches played
  • AP: Appearances
  • Pos.: Position
  • Comp.: Competition
  • Pts: Points
  • D: Drawn
  • R: Sent off (straight red card)
  • DoB: Date of birth
  • Res.: Result
  • ET: Extra Time
  • sg: Match decided by silver goal
  • GA: Goals against
  • t: Match decided by toss of a coin
  • GF: Goals for
  • W: Won
  • gg: Match decided by golden goal
  • Y: Booked
  • L: Lost
  • Y/R: Sent off (two yellow cards)
  • Nat.: Nationality
  • N/A: Not applicable
  • f: Match forfeited


  • -: Denotes player substituted
  • +: Denotes player introduced
  • *: Denotes player sent off
  • +/-: Denotes player introduced and substituted

Squad list

  • D: Disciplinary
  • *: Misses next match if booked
  • S: Suspended
  • UCLQ: Current season total UEFA Champions League appearances in the qualifying rounds and play-offs only
  • UCL: Current season total UEFA Champions League appearances from group stage onwards prior to current matchday
  • UCL: Total appearances in the UEFA Champions League from 1992/93 season, group stage to final only
  • UEFA: All-time total appearances in UEFA club competition including qualifying
  • Disclaimer: Although UEFA has taken all reasonable care that the information contained within this document is accurate at the time of publication, no representation or guarantee (including liability towards third parties), expressed or implied, is made as to its accuracy, reliability or completeness. Therefore, UEFA assumes no liability for the use or interpretation of information contained herein. More information can be found in the competition regulations available on