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UEFA Europa Conference League: Qarabağ FK - FC Kairat Almaty Match press kits

UEFA Europa Conference League - 2021/22 SeasonMatch press kits

Qarabağ FKQarabağ FKTofiq Bahramov Adina Respublika Stadionu - BakuThursday 21 October 2021
18.45CET (20.45 local time)
Group H - Matchday 3
FC Kairat AlmatyFC Kairat Almaty
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Fixtures and results Only this chapter

Qarabağ FKFixtures and results
01/02/2021CupGabala SC (H)W 3-1Owusu 55, Emreli 72, 74
06/02/2021CupGabala SC (A)W 3-0Medvedev 6, Andrade 45+4 (P), 48
21/04/2021CupSumqayıt FK (A)D 0-0
29/04/2021CupSumqayıt FK (H)D 0-0 (aet, 4-5 pens)
22/07/2021UECLFC Ashdod (H)D 0-0
29/07/2021UECLFC Ashdod (A)W 1-0Ozobić 6
05/08/2021UECLAEL Limassol FC (A)D 1-1Zoubir 90+3
12/08/2021UECLAEL Limassol FC (H)W 1-0Kady 87
15/08/2021LeagueZirä FK (A)D 1-1İbrahimli 18
19/08/2021UECLAberdeen FC (H)W 1-0Romero 30
22/08/2021LeagueSabail (H)W 3-0Gurbanli 30, 45+2, Ozobić 75
26/08/2021UECLAberdeen FC (A)W 3-1Bayramov 8, Kady 18, Zoubir 72
12/09/2021LeagueNeftçi PFK (A)W 2-1Wadji 21, 45
16/09/2021UECLFC Basel 1893 (H)D 0-0
20/09/2021LeagueSumqayıt FK (H)W 2-0Ozobić 42 (P), İbrahimli 90+5
25/09/2021LeagueKeşla FK (A)D 1-1Zoubir 20
30/09/2021UECLOmonoia FC (A)W 4-1Kady 52, 90+4, Sheydaev 73, Medvedev 79 (P)
03/10/2021LeagueGabala SC (H)W 2-0Zoubir 52, Sheydaev 66
17/10/2021LeagueSabah (A)W 2-1Ozobić 43, Zoubir 51
21/10/2021UECLFC Kairat Almaty (H)
25/10/2021LeagueSabail (A)
30/10/2021LeagueNeftçi PFK (H)
04/11/2021UECLFC Kairat Almaty (A)
07/11/2021LeagueSumqayıt FK (A)
19/11/2021LeagueKeşla FK (H)
25/11/2021UECLOmonoia FC (H)
29/11/2021LeagueGabala SC (A)
04/12/2021LeagueSabah (H)
09/12/2021UECLFC Basel 1893 (A)
16/12/2021LeagueZirä FK (H)
07/02/2022LeagueNeftçi PFK (A)
20/02/2022LeagueSumqayıt FK (H)
28/02/2022LeagueKeşla FK (A)
06/03/2022LeagueGabala SC (H)
12/03/2022LeagueSabah (A)
19/03/2022LeagueZirä FK (A)
02/04/2022LeagueSabail (H)
10/04/2022LeagueSumqayıt FK (A)
15/04/2022LeagueKeşla FK (H)
24/04/2022LeagueGabala SC (A)
03/05/2022LeagueSabah (H)
08/05/2022LeagueZirä FK (H)
15/05/2022LeagueSabail (A)
21/05/2022LeagueNeftçi PFK (H)
1Qarabağ FK752013417
2Neftçi PFK742114814
3Gabala SC733112612
4Zirä FK73319612
5Sumqayıt FK7223558
6Keşla FK72146117
FC Kairat AlmatyFixtures and results
13/03/2021LeagueFC Zhetysu Taldykorgan (H)W 2-0Kosović 69, Alykulov 72
19/03/2021LeagueFC Kaysar Kyzylorda (A)W 3-0Vágner Love 45+3, K. Hovhannisyan 62, Ussenov 77
05/04/2021LeagueFC Taraz (H)D 2-2Kanté 55, Vágner Love 66
10/04/2021LeagueFK Arys (H)W 5-1Abiken 2, 30, K. Hovhannisyan 5, Kanté 43, Eseola 90+1
14/04/2021LeagueFC Kaspiy Aktau (A)D 1-1Polyakov 41
19/04/2021LeagueFC Tobol Kostanay (H)D 2-2Kanté 20, 67
23/04/2021LeagueFC Atyrau (A)L 0-1
29/04/2021LeagueFC Ordabasy Shymkent (H)W 3-0Eseola 61, Mamba 89, Kanté 90+4
03/05/2021LeagueFC Kyzylzhar Petropavlovsk (A)D 1-1Polyakov 28
08/05/2021LeagueFC Shakhter Karagandy (H)D 1-1Shushenachev 51
14/05/2021LeagueFC Akzhayik Uralsk (A)L 0-1
18/05/2021LeagueFC Aktobe (H)W 4-2Shushenachev 7, 36, Kanté 50, Kosović 86
23/05/2021LeagueFC Astana (A)D 1-1Suyumbayev 90+1
28/05/2021LeagueFC Kaysar Kyzylorda (H)W 1-0Kanté 33
13/06/2021LeagueFC Taraz (A)W 2-0Vágner Love 11, Shushenachev 67
19/06/2021LeagueFK Arys (A)W 3-0Vágner Love 13 (P), Shushenachev 47, Buranchiyev 75
23/06/2021LeagueFC Kaspiy Aktau (H)W 5-1Shushenachev 8, Vágner Love 25, 71, K. Hovhannisyan 83, Alykulov 90
28/06/2021LeagueFC Tobol Kostanay (A)D 2-2Shushenachev 23, Vágner Love 76
02/07/2021LeagueFC Atyrau (H)W 5-0Shushenachev 29, 59, Kanté 57, Alykulov 69, K. Hovhannisyan 90+3
07/07/2021UCLMaccabi Haifa FC (A)D 1-1Alip 76
10/07/2021CupFC Zhetysu Taldykorgan (A)W 1-0Ulshin 10
14/07/2021UCLMaccabi Haifa FC (H)W 2-0Vágner Love 10, Abiken 66
17/07/2021CupFC Kaspiy Aktau (H)L 0-2
21/07/2021UCLFK Crvena zvezda (H)W 2-1Kanté 24, Bagnack 79
24/07/2021CupFK Arys (H)L 0-1
28/07/2021UCLFK Crvena zvezda (A)L 0-5
31/07/2021CupFK Arys (A)L 3-4Shushenachev 12, Alykulov 14, Ulshin 19
05/08/2021UELAlashkert FC (H)D 0-0
08/08/2021CupFC Zhetysu Taldykorgan (H)W 3-0Shushenachev 4, 18, Dugalic 60
12/08/2021UELAlashkert FC (A)L 2-3Abiken 45+1, Shushenachev 61
15/08/2021CupFC Kaspiy Aktau (A)W 4-2Dugalic 6, 34, Abiken 9 (P), Kanté 44
19/08/2021UECLCS Fola Esch (A)W 4-1Shushenachev 28, Vágner Love 37, 70 (P), Ricardo Alves 43
26/08/2021UECLCS Fola Esch (H)W 3-1Shushenachev 12, 36, Vágner Love 28
12/09/2021LeagueFC Ordabasy Shymkent (A)L 1-2Kanté 73 (P)
16/09/2021UECLOmonoia FC (H)D 0-0
19/09/2021LeagueFC Kyzylzhar Petropavlovsk (H)W 1-0Shushenachev 77
22/09/2021CupFC Kaysar Kyzylorda (H)W 3-0Vágner Love 40, Kanté 74, Ricardo Alves 90+3
26/09/2021LeagueFC Shakhter Karagandy (A)D 1-1Dugalic 89
30/09/2021UECLFC Basel 1893 (A)L 2-4Kanté 65, Ricardo Alves 69 (P)
03/10/2021LeagueFC Akzhayik Uralsk (H)W 3-1João Paulo 17, Kosović 30, Shushenachev 62
16/10/2021LeagueFC Aktobe (A)W 2-1Shushenachev 31, Alykulov 41
21/10/2021UECLQarabağ FK (A)
24/10/2021LeagueFC Astana (H)
27/10/2021CupFC Kaysar Kyzylorda (A)
30/10/2021LeagueFC Zhetysu Taldykorgan (A)
04/11/2021UECLQarabağ FK (H)
25/11/2021UECLFC Basel 1893 (H)
09/12/2021UECLOmonoia FC (A)
1FC Astana241752522356
2FC Tobol Kostanay241671481755
3FC Kairat Almaty241383512147
4FC Kyzylzhar Petropavlovsk241059292235
5FC Ordabasy Shymkent24987323135
6FC Akzhayik Uralsk249411232731
7FC Aktobe248610323430
8FC Shakhter Karagandy248610212930
9FC Taraz24789253029
10FC Kaspiy Aktau247710283228
11FC Atyrau247611243727
12FK Arys245109203725
13FC Kaysar Kyzylorda243714224216
14FC Zhetysu Taldykorgan244317224712

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