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UEFA Europa Conference League: HJK Helsinki - Maccabi Tel-Aviv FC Match press kits

UEFA Europa Conference League - 2021/22 SeasonMatch press kits

HJK HelsinkiHJK HelsinkiHelsinki Football Stadium - HelsinkiThursday 21 October 2021
16.30CET (17.30 local time)
Group A - Matchday 3
Maccabi Tel-Aviv FCMaccabi Tel-Aviv FC
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Fixtures and results Only this chapter

HJK HelsinkiFixtures and results
06/02/2021CupFC Lahti (A)D 1-1Jair 75
13/02/2021CupHIFK Helsinki (H)W 2-1Ro. Riski 28, Väänänen 90
04/03/2021CupFC KTP Kotka (H)W 6-1Ri. Riski 2, Ro. Riski 9, 37, Browne 19, Valenčič 55, Jair 71
03/04/2021CupHIFK Helsinki (A)W 3-0Ro. Riski 50, Saksela 65, Valenčič 68
10/04/2021CupFC Inter Turku (H)W 4-0Valenčič 9, Browne 16, Ro. Riski 54 (P), Tanaka 67
24/04/2021LeagueFC Honka Espoo (H)W 4-2Valenčič 42, Browne 53, Ro. Riski 78, Terho 90+2
02/05/2021LeagueKuPS Kuopio (A)D 0-0
08/05/2021CupKuPS Kuopio (H)D 0-0 (aet, 4-5 pens)
11/05/2021LeagueIlves Tampere (A)W 3-0D. O'Shaughnessy 8, Lingman 25, Terho 30
17/05/2021LeagueFC Lahti (H)W 2-0Ri. Riski 67, Ro. Riski 90
22/05/2021LeagueSJK Seinäjoki (A)W 2-0Tenho 90+2, Olusanya 90+4
28/05/2021LeagueAC Oulu (H)W 3-1Valenčič 14, Farinhas Taffner 58, 60
10/06/2021LeagueValkeakosken Haka (A)W 2-1Browne 53, Farinhas Taffner 61
14/06/2021LeagueIFK Mariehamn (A)W 1-0Ro. Riski 67
18/06/2021LeagueIlves Tampere (H)W 2-1Valenčič 8, Jair 67
24/06/2021LeagueFC KTP Kotka (H)W 2-0Ro. Riski 39, Olusanya 68
30/06/2021LeagueHIFK Helsinki (A)W 1-0Valenčič 40
06/07/2021UCLFK Budućnost Podgorica (H)W 3-1Ro. Riski 5, Valenčič 7, Saksela 13
13/07/2021UCLFK Budućnost Podgorica (A)W 4-0Ro. Riski 6, 49, Valenčič 35, Jair 40
17/07/2021LeagueAC Oulu (A)L 1-2Tanaka 75
21/07/2021UCLMalmö FF (A)L 1-2Ro. Riski 68
24/07/2021LeagueValkeakosken Haka (H)W 2-0Jair 2, Valenčič 27
27/07/2021UCLMalmö FF (H)D 2-2Tenho 1, Ri. Riski 78
31/07/2021LeagueSJK Seinäjoki (H)D 0-0
03/08/2021UELNeftçi PFK (A)D 2-2Ro. Riski 61, Jair 65
07/08/2021LeagueFC KTP Kotka (A)W 1-0Valenčič 23 (P)
12/08/2021UELNeftçi PFK (H)W 3-0Ri. Riski 46, Ro. Riski 60 (P), 89
15/08/2021LeagueIFK Mariehamn (H)W 1-0Olusanya 65
19/08/2021UELFenerbahçe SK (A)L 0-1
23/08/2021LeagueFC Lahti (A)W 1-0Browne 8
26/08/2021UELFenerbahçe SK (H)L 2-5Ro. Riski 27, Ri. Riski 88
29/08/2021LeagueKuPS Kuopio (H)D 1-1Jair 86
11/09/2021LeagueFC Inter Turku (A)W 3-1Lingman 7, Browne 27, Jair 35
16/09/2021UECLLASK (H)L 0-2
19/09/2021LeagueFC Honka Espoo (A)D 0-0
22/09/2021LeagueHIFK Helsinki (H)L 0-2
26/09/2021LeagueFC Inter Turku (H)L 0-1
30/09/2021UECLAlashkert FC (A)W 4-2Ri. Riski 8, Valenčič 57, Ro. Riski 63, Olusanya 90+4
03/10/2021LeagueSJK Seinäjoki (H)L 2-3Valencia 4 (og), Hostikka 82
16/10/2021LeagueIlves Tampere (A)W 3-2Moren 14, Jair 45+3, 47
21/10/2021UECLMaccabi Tel-Aviv FC (H)
24/10/2021LeagueFC Inter Turku (H)
27/10/2021LeagueHIFK Helsinki (H)
31/10/2021LeagueKuPS Kuopio (A)
04/11/2021UECLMaccabi Tel-Aviv FC (A)
25/11/2021UECLAlashkert FC (H)
09/12/2021UECLLASK (A)
1KuPS Kuopio221543381449
2HJK Helsinki221543321249
3FC Inter Turku221237362239
4SJK Seinäjoki221147292437
5HIFK Helsinki22967232333
6Ilves Tampere221039212333
7FC Lahti22886272532
8FC Honka Espoo227510282926
9Valkeakosken Haka227312212624
10IFK Mariehamn227213203223
11AC Oulu225314173518
12FC KTP Kotka22151618458
1KuPS Kuopio241743431755
2HJK Helsinki241644371752
3FC Inter Turku241338402542
4SJK Seinäjoki241257342841
5HIFK Helsinki24978252734
6Ilves Tampere2410311242833
1FC Lahti24996302736
2FC Honka Espoo247611293227
3IFK Mariehamn248313233427
4Valkeakosken Haka247512222726
5AC Oulu245415183719
6FC KTP Kotka242517214711
Maccabi Tel-Aviv FCFixtures and results
22/07/2021UECLFK Sutjeska (A)D 0-0
29/07/2021UECLFK Sutjeska (H)W 3-1Khalaila 25, 34, Almog 90+2
05/08/2021UECLFC Spartak Trnava (A)D 0-0
12/08/2021UECLFC Spartak Trnava (H)W 1-0Yeini 13
19/08/2021UECLFC Shakhter Karagandy (A)W 2-1Rikan 75, Shamir 77
26/08/2021UECLFC Shakhter Karagandy (H)W 2-0Nachmias 18, Glazer 40
29/08/2021LeagueBnei Sakhnin FC (A)L 1-3Saborit 7 (P)
11/09/2021LeagueMaccabi Petah Tikva FC (H)D 1-1Perica 31
14/09/2021UECLAlashkert FC (H)W 4-1Perica 13, Kanichowsky 32, Biton 45+3 (P), Hozez 72
18/09/2021LeagueMaccabi Haifa FC (H)W 2-1Nachmias 3, Perica 60
25/09/2021LeagueHapoel Beer-Sheva FC (A)L 0-2
30/09/2021UECLLASK (A)D 1-1Shamir 88
03/10/2021LeagueHapoel Katamon (H)W 1-0Guerrero 85
16/10/2021LeagueMaccabi Netanya FC (A)L 2-4Perica 9, 37
21/10/2021UECLHJK Helsinki (A)
25/10/2021LeagueFC Ashdod (H)
30/10/2021LeagueHapoel Kiryat Shmona FC (A)
04/11/2021UECLHJK Helsinki (H)
07/11/2021LeagueHapoel Tel-Aviv FC (H)
25/11/2021UECLLASK (H)
28/11/2021LeagueHapoel Haifa FC (A)
01/12/2021LeagueHapoel Nazareth FC (H)
05/12/2021LeagueBeitar Jerusalem FC (A)
09/12/2021UECLAlashkert FC (A)
13/12/2021LeagueHapoel Hadera (H)
20/12/2021LeagueBnei Sakhnin FC (H)
25/12/2021LeagueMaccabi Petah Tikva FC (A)
01/01/2022LeagueMaccabi Haifa FC (A)
08/01/2022LeagueHapoel Beer-Sheva FC (H)
15/01/2022LeagueHapoel Katamon (A)
22/01/2022LeagueMaccabi Netanya FC (H)
29/01/2022LeagueFC Ashdod (A)
05/02/2022LeagueHapoel Kiryat Shmona FC (H)
12/02/2022LeagueHapoel Tel-Aviv FC (A)
19/02/2022LeagueHapoel Haifa FC (H)
26/02/2022LeagueHapoel Nazareth FC (A)
05/03/2022LeagueBeitar Jerusalem FC (H)
12/03/2022LeagueHapoel Hadera (A)
1Hapoel Beer-Sheva FC64209314
2Hapoel Haifa FC64119413
3Hapoel Hadera63307312
4Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC63218611
5Maccabi Haifa FC631210610
6Hapoel Nazareth FC6222878
7Maccabi Netanya FC6222998
8Bnei Sakhnin FC 6222668
9Maccabi Tel-Aviv FC62137117
10Maccabi Petah Tikva FC6132566
11Beitar Jerusalem FC6123575
12Hapoel Kiryat Shmona FC6123365
13FC Ashdod61055103
14Hapoel Katamon6033183

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