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UEFA Europa Conference League: Anorthosis Famagusta FC - FC Flora Tallinn Match press kits

UEFA Europa Conference League - 2021/22 SeasonMatch press kits

Anorthosis Famagusta FCAnorthosis Famagusta FCGSP - NicosiaThursday 21 October 2021
18.45CET (19.45 local time)
Group B - Matchday 3
FC Flora TallinnFC Flora Tallinn
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Fixtures and results Only this chapter

Anorthosis Famagusta FCFixtures and results
05/08/2021UELSK Rapid Wien (A)L 0-3
12/08/2021UELSK Rapid Wien (H)W 2-1Lafferty 45+1, Roushias 88
19/08/2021UECLHapoel Beer-Sheva FC (A)D 0-0
26/08/2021UECLHapoel Beer-Sheva FC (H)W 3-1Artymatas 12, Christodoulopoulos 62 (P), 69
12/09/2021LeagueDoxa Katokopia FC (A)L 0-2
16/09/2021UECLFK Partizan (H)L 0-2
20/09/2021LeagueEthnikos Achnas FC (H)W 2-1Artymatas 10, Christodoulopoulos 42 (P)
25/09/2021LeagueAris Limassol FC (A)L 2-3Warda 29, Kaltsas 50
30/09/2021UECLKAA Gent (A)L 0-2
03/10/2021LeagueAPOEL FC (H)W 2-1Artymatas 37, 70
17/10/2021LeagueAEL Limassol FC (A)L 1-2Warda 23
21/10/2021UECLFC Flora Tallinn (H)
25/10/2021LeagueAEK Larnaca FC (H)
29/10/2021LeagueOmonoia FC (A)
04/11/2021UECLFC Flora Tallinn (A)
07/11/2021LeaguePafos FC (H)
20/11/2021LeagueOlympiakos Nicosia FC (A)
25/11/2021UECLKAA Gent (H)
29/11/2021LeagueApollon Limassol FC (H)
04/12/2021LeagueP.A.E.E.K. FC (H)
09/12/2021UECLFK Partizan (A)
13/12/2021LeagueDoxa Katokopia FC (H)
18/12/2021LeagueEthnikos Achnas FC (A)
22/12/2021LeagueP.A.E.E.K. FC (A)
04/01/2022LeagueAris Limassol FC (H)
08/01/2022LeagueAPOEL FC (A)
15/01/2022LeagueAEL Limassol FC (H)
22/01/2022LeagueAEK Larnaca FC (A)
29/01/2022LeagueOmonoia FC (H)
05/02/2022LeaguePafos FC (A)
12/02/2022LeagueOlympiakos Nicosia FC (H)
19/02/2022LeagueApollon Limassol FC (A)
1AEK Larnaca FC642012414
2Aris Limassol FC641110513
3Apollon Limassol FC64029812
4AEL Limassol FC531110410
5Olympiakos Nicosia FC6222558
6Pafos FC6141887
7Omonoia FC5212557
8Doxa Katokopia FC6132666
9Anorthosis Famagusta FC5203796
10APOEL FC62045106
11P.A.E.E.K. FC5113484
12Ethnikos Achnas FC60155141
FC Flora TallinnFixtures and results
11/04/2021LeagueTallinna JK Legion (A)W 2-1Sappinen 28, 53 (P)
17/04/2021LeagueJK Narva Trans (H)W 5-0Sappinen 3, 8, Pürg 21, Zenjov 43, Alliku 90+2
20/04/2021LeagueTulevik (A)D 3-3Välja 34, Sappinen 55 (P), Saag 86 (og)
25/04/2021LeagueFC Levadia Tallinn (H)D 0-0
30/04/2021LeagueFC Kuressaare (A)W 4-0Seppik 35, Vassiljev 70, Zenjov 71, Sappinen 85
05/05/2021LeagueNõmme Kalju FC (A)W 2-1Zenjov 36, Alliku 85
08/05/2021LeagueTallinna JK Legion (H)W 2-1Sappinen 19, Alliku 78
19/05/2021LeagueFC Levadia Tallinn (A)W 4-2Vassiljev 10, Sappinen 22, Ojamaa 28, Poom 78
26/05/2021LeagueJK Narva Trans (A)W 2-0Vassiljev 19, Ojamaa 86
29/05/2021LeagueTulevik (H)W 3-0Välja 31 (P), Pürg 55, Sappinen 72
13/06/2021LeagueJK Vaprus Pärnu (H)W 2-0Miller 39, Seppik 77
21/06/2021LeagueJK Tammeka Tartu (A)W 3-0Poom 18, Sappinen 24, 41
25/06/2021LeagueNõmme Kalju FC (H)W 1-0Alliku 80
30/06/2021LeaguePaide Linnameeskond (H)D 3-3Soomets 29, Vassiljev 31, Sappinen 66
06/07/2021UCLHibernians FC (H)W 2-0Sappinen 75, 89
13/07/2021UCLHibernians FC (A)W 3-0Zenjov 25, Sappinen 33, Reinkort 87
16/07/2021LeagueJK Vaprus Pärnu (A)W 4-0Välja 27 (P), Poom 45, Kuraksin 45+2, Zenjov 54
21/07/2021UCLLegia Warszawa (A)L 1-2Sappinen 53
27/07/2021UCLLegia Warszawa (H)L 0-1
31/07/2021LeaguePaide Linnameeskond (A)D 0-0
05/08/2021UELOmonoia FC (A)L 0-1
10/08/2021UELOmonoia FC (H)W 2-1 (aet, 4-5 pens) Sappinen 49, 88
14/08/2021LeagueFC Kuressaare (A)L 0-1
19/08/2021UECLShamrock Rovers FC (H)W 4-2Zenjov 13, Miller 27, 87, Sappinen 76
26/08/2021UECLShamrock Rovers FC (A)W 1-0Sappinen 57
29/08/2021LeagueTallinna JK Legion (H)W 5-1Sappinen 13 (P), 17, Zenjov 63, 72, Lilander 89
12/09/2021LeagueJK Vaprus Pärnu (A)W 6-0Korre 9 (og), Zenjov 68, 74 (P), Kuraksin 75, 80, Alliku 82
16/09/2021UECLKAA Gent (H)L 0-1
19/09/2021LeagueNõmme Kalju FC (H)W 2-0Alliku 13, 32
22/09/2021LeagueJK Narva Trans (H)W 5-2Sappinen 4, 14, 50 (P), 55, Zenjov 86
26/09/2021LeagueTulevik (A)D 2-2Alliku 76, Kuusk 81
30/09/2021UECLFK Partizan (A)L 0-2
03/10/2021LeagueJK Tammeka Tartu (H)W 3-0Pürg 9, Alliku 43, Vassiljev 47
17/10/2021LeaguePaide Linnameeskond (A)D 1-1Kallaste 64
19/10/2021LeagueTulevik (H)
21/10/2021UECLAnorthosis Famagusta FC (A)
24/10/2021LeagueFC Kuressaare (H)
24/10/2021LeagueFC Kuressaare (H)
27/10/2021LeagueJK Tammeka Tartu (H)
27/10/2021LeagueJK Tammeka Tartu (H)
30/10/2021LeagueJK Vaprus Pärnu (H)
03/11/2021LeagueFC Kuressaare (H)
04/11/2021UECLAnorthosis Famagusta FC (H)
07/11/2021LeagueJK Tammeka Tartu (A)
21/11/2021LeagueFC Levadia Tallinn (H)
25/11/2021UECLFK Partizan (H)
28/11/2021LeagueNõmme Kalju FC (A)
01/12/2021LeagueFC Levadia Tallinn (A)
01/12/2021LeagueFC Levadia Tallinn (A)
05/12/2021LeaguePaide Linnameeskond (H)
09/12/2021UECLKAA Gent (A)
12/12/2021CupFC Flora Tallinn (A)
1FC Levadia Tallinn262213742867
2FC Flora Tallinn241761641857
3Paide Linnameeskond271584522753
4Nõmme Kalju FC2713410513443
5Tallinna JK Legion2711511453638
6JK Narva Trans278514335229
7FC Kuressaare268315314427
9JK Tammeka Tartu254417275916
10JK Vaprus Pärnu264319197815

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