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UEFA Europa Conference League: FK Bodø/Glimt - AS Roma Match press kits

UEFA Europa Conference League - 2021/22 SeasonMatch press kits

FK Bodø/GlimtFK Bodø/GlimtAspmyra - BodoThursday 21 October 2021
18.45CET (18.45 local time)
Group C - Matchday 3
AS RomaAS Roma
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Fixtures and results Only this chapter

FK Bodø/GlimtFixtures and results
09/05/2021LeagueTromsø IL (H)W 3-0Botheim 8, Saltnes 13, Nilsen 81 (og)
12/05/2021LeagueKristiansund BK (A)W 2-0Sørli 29, Botheim 67
16/05/2021LeagueRosenborg BK (H)D 2-2Botheim 9, Brunstad Fet 52
24/05/2021LeagueSK Brann (A)W 2-1Berg 67, Botheim 86
27/05/2021LeagueFK Haugesund (H)W 2-0Botheim 31, Solbakken 90
30/05/2021LeagueOdds BK (A)L 0-1
13/06/2021LeagueMjøndalen IF (H)W 2-0Sørli 42, 70
16/06/2021LeagueStrømsgodset IF (H)W 7-2Saltnes 6, 15, Solbakken 29, Botheim 44, Vetlesen 71, Selvåg Nordås 82, Lindahl 84
20/06/2021LeagueVålerenga Fotball Elite (A)D 1-1Solbakken 53
24/06/2021LeagueMolde FK (H)L 0-2
27/06/2021LeagueStabæk Fotball (H)W 4-1Selvåg Nordås 11, Brunstad Fet 14, Saltnes 27, Botheim 32
30/06/2021LeagueSandefjord Fotball (A)L 0-1
03/07/2021LeagueViking FK (H)D 2-2Berg 43 (P), 60
07/07/2021UCLLegia Warszawa (H)L 2-3Botheim 45+1, Pernambuco 78
14/07/2021UCLLegia Warszawa (A)L 0-2
17/07/2021LeagueSarpsborg 08 FF (A)D 2-2Botheim 45, Høibråten 85
22/07/2021UECLValur (A)W 3-0Saltnes 40, Berg 51 (P), 54
29/07/2021UECLValur (H)W 3-0Saltnes 26, Moe 61, Hagen 90+3
05/08/2021UECLFC Prishtina (A)L 1-2Berg 11
12/08/2021UECLFC Prishtina (H)W 2-0Botheim 18, 78
15/08/2021LeagueLillestrøm SK (A)W 1-0Botheim 78
19/08/2021UECLFK Žalgiris Vilnius (A)D 2-2Saltnes 49, 54
22/08/2021LeagueKristiansund BK (H)W 3-0Pellegrino 61, 68, 78 (P)
26/08/2021UECLFK Žalgiris Vilnius (H)W 1-0Solbakken 62
29/08/2021LeagueTromsø IL (A)W 3-2Pellegrino 57, Saltnes 63, 87
12/09/2021LeagueOdds BK (H)D 1-1Saltnes 32
16/09/2021UECLFC Zorya Luhansk (H)W 3-1Saltnes 48, Solbakken 49, Pellegrino 60
19/09/2021LeagueViking FK (A)W 3-1Moe 67, Pellegrino 76, Botheim 90+3
26/09/2021LeagueVålerenga Fotball Elite (H)W 1-0Botheim 79
30/09/2021UECLPFC CSKA-Sofia (A)D 0-0
03/10/2021LeagueStabæk Fotball (A)W 3-0Botheim 54, Bjørkan 62, Koomson 86
17/10/2021LeagueSarpsborg 08 FF (H)W 2-1Botheim 13, Solbakken 86 (P)
21/10/2021UECLAS Roma (H)
24/10/2021LeagueStrømsgodset IF (A)
27/10/2021LeagueMolde FK (A)
31/10/2021LeagueSandefjord Fotball (H)
04/11/2021UECLAS Roma (A)
07/11/2021LeagueFK Haugesund (A)
21/11/2021LeagueLillestrøm SK (H)
25/11/2021UECLPFC CSKA-Sofia (H)
28/11/2021LeagueRosenborg BK (A)
05/12/2021LeagueSK Brann (H)
09/12/2021UECLFC Zorya Luhansk (A)
12/12/2021LeagueMjøndalen IF (A)
1FK Bodø/Glimt221453462047
2Molde FK221354542644
3Kristiansund BK221237292539
4Rosenborg BK221156452938
5Viking FK221156424038
6Lillestrøm SK221057332835
7Vålerenga Fotball Elite227105363031
8FK Haugesund22949393431
9Strømsgodset IF22859313129
10Odds BK22769314027
11Sandefjord Fotball227510273726
12Sarpsborg 08 FF226511233523
13Tromsø IL225710263922
14SK Brann224711274119
15Stabæk Fotball224612274518
16Mjøndalen IF222911233915
AS RomaFixtures and results
19/08/2021UECLTrabzonspor AŞ (A)W 2-1L. Pellegrini 55, Shomurodov 81
22/08/2021LeagueACF Fiorentina (H)W 3-1Mkhitaryan 26, Veretout 64, 79
26/08/2021UECLTrabzonspor AŞ (H)W 3-0Cristante 20, Zaniolo 65, El Shaarawy 84
29/08/2021LeagueSalernitana Sport (A)W 4-0L. Pellegrini 48, 79, Veretout 52, Abraham 69
12/09/2021LeagueUS Sassuolo Calcio (H)W 2-1Cristante 37, El Shaarawy 90+1
16/09/2021UECLPFC CSKA-Sofia (H)W 5-1L. Pellegrini 25, 62, El Shaarawy 38, Mancini 82, Abraham 84
19/09/2021LeagueHellas Verona FC (A)L 2-3L. Pellegrini 36, Ilic 58 (og)
23/09/2021LeagueUdinese Calcio (H)W 1-0Abraham 36
26/09/2021LeagueSS Lazio (A)L 2-3Ibañez 41, Veretout 69 (P)
30/09/2021UECLFC Zorya Luhansk (A)W 3-0El Shaarawy 7, Smalling 66, Abraham 68
03/10/2021LeagueEmpoli FC (H)W 2-0L. Pellegrini 42, Mkhitaryan 48
17/10/2021LeagueJuventus (A)L 0-1
21/10/2021UECLFK Bodø/Glimt (A)
24/10/2021LeagueSSC Napoli (H)
27/10/2021LeagueCagliari Calcio (A)
31/10/2021LeagueAC Milan (H)
04/11/2021UECLFK Bodø/Glimt (H)
07/11/2021LeagueAC Venezia (A)
21/11/2021LeagueGenoa CFC (A)
25/11/2021UECLFC Zorya Luhansk (H)
28/11/2021LeagueTorino FC (H)
01/12/2021LeagueBologna FC (A)
04/12/2021LeagueFC Internazionale Milano (H)
09/12/2021UECLPFC CSKA-Sofia (A)
13/12/2021LeagueSpezia (H)
18/12/2021LeagueAtalanta BC (A)
22/12/2021LeagueUC Sampdoria (H)
06/01/2022LeagueAC Milan (A)
09/01/2022LeagueJuventus (H)
16/01/2022LeagueCagliari Calcio (H)
23/01/2022LeagueEmpoli FC (A)
06/02/2022LeagueGenoa CFC (H)
13/02/2022LeagueUS Sassuolo Calcio (A)
20/02/2022LeagueHellas Verona FC (H)
27/02/2022LeagueSpezia (A)
06/03/2022LeagueAtalanta BC (H)
13/03/2022LeagueUdinese Calcio (A)
20/03/2022LeagueSS Lazio (H)
03/04/2022LeagueUC Sampdoria (A)
10/04/2022LeagueSalernitana Sport (H)
16/04/2022LeagueSSC Napoli (A)
24/04/2022LeagueFC Internazionale Milano (A)
01/05/2022LeagueBologna FC (H)
08/05/2022LeagueACF Fiorentina (A)
15/05/2022LeagueAC Venezia (H)
22/05/2022LeagueTorino FC (A)
1SSC Napoli880019324
2AC Milan871018722
3FC Internazionale Milano8521231117
4AS Roma850316915
5SS Lazio8422181314
6Atalanta BC8422141014
8Bologna FC8332131512
9ACF Fiorentina8404101212
10Udinese Calcio823310129
11Empoli FC830510169
12Torino FC8224988
13Hellas Verona FC822417178
14US Sassuolo Calcio82249118
15AC Venezia82246128
17UC Sampdoria813411166
18Genoa CFC813412186
19Cagliari Calcio813411176
20Salernitana Sport81166174

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