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UEFA Europa Conference League: CFR 1907 Cluj - AZ Alkmaar Match press kits

UEFA Europa Conference League - 2021/22 SeasonMatch press kits

CFR 1907 ClujCFR 1907 ClujStadionul Dr. Constantin Rădulescu - Cluj-NapocaThursday 21 October 2021
21.00CET (22.00 local time)
Group D - Matchday 3
AZ AlkmaarAZ Alkmaar
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Fixtures and results Only this chapter

CFR 1907 ClujFixtures and results
06/07/2021UCLFK Borac Banja Luka (H)W 3-1Omrani 11, Deac 28, Sigurjónsson 60
13/07/2021UCLFK Borac Banja Luka (A)L 1-2Chipciu 118 ET
16/07/2021LeagueU Craiova 1948 (H)W 3-2Deac 10, Tahiri 12, Petrila 75
20/07/2021UCLLincoln Red Imps FC (A)W 2-1Debeljuh 52, 58
24/07/2021LeagueFC Academica Clinceni (A)W 2-1Petrila 61, Latovlevici 87
28/07/2021UCLLincoln Red Imps FC (H)W 2-0Cestor 18, Sigurjónsson 58
31/07/2021LeagueChindia Targoviste (H)W 1-0Alibec 52
03/08/2021UCLBSC Young Boys (H)D 1-1Manea 4
06/08/2021LeagueCS Mioveni (A)W 1-0Petrila 49
10/08/2021UCLBSC Young Boys (A)L 1-3Omrani 4
13/08/2021LeagueFC Farul Constanţa (H)W 1-0Debeljuh 36
17/08/2021UELFK Crvena zvezda (A)L 0-4
21/08/2021LeagueACS Campionii FC Arges (A)W 1-0Omrani 30
26/08/2021UELFK Crvena zvezda (H)L 1-2Debeljuh 34
29/08/2021LeagueFCSB (H)W 4-1Omrani 30, Sigurjónsson 56, Deac 67, Alibec 73 (P)
11/09/2021LeagueFC Botoşani (A)L 0-1
16/09/2021UECLFK Jablonec (A)L 0-1
20/09/2021LeagueUniversitatea Craiova (H)W 1-0Burcă 20
23/09/2021CupUniversitatea Craiova (A)L 0-1
26/09/2021LeagueFCM UTA Arad (A)W 1-0Chipciu 27
30/09/2021UECLRanders FC (H)D 1-1Petrila 68
03/10/2021LeagueCS Gaz Metan Mediaş (H)W 2-1Petrila 46, Deac 59
17/10/2021LeagueFC Rapid Bucureşti (A)L 0-2
21/10/2021UECLAZ Alkmaar (H)
25/10/2021LeagueSepsi Sfantu Gheorghe (H)
30/10/2021LeagueFC Voluntari (H)
04/11/2021UECLAZ Alkmaar (A)
06/11/2021LeagueFC Dinamo Bucureşti (A)
20/11/2021LeagueU Craiova 1948 (A)
25/11/2021UECLRanders FC (A)
27/11/2021LeagueFC Academica Clinceni (H)
04/12/2021LeagueChindia Targoviste (A)
09/12/2021UECLFK Jablonec (H)
11/12/2021LeagueCS Mioveni (H)
14/12/2021LeagueFC Farul Constanţa (A)
18/12/2021LeagueACS Campionii FC Arges (H)
22/01/2022LeagueFCSB (A)
29/01/2022LeagueFC Botoşani (H)
05/02/2022LeagueUniversitatea Craiova (A)
09/02/2022LeagueFCM UTA Arad (H)
12/02/2022LeagueCS Gaz Metan Mediaş (A)
19/02/2022LeagueFC Rapid Bucureşti (H)
26/02/2022LeagueSepsi Sfantu Gheorghe (A)
01/03/2022LeagueFC Voluntari (A)
05/03/2022LeagueFC Dinamo Bucureşti (H)
1CFR 1907 Cluj12100217830
3FC Voluntari12804171324
4FC Botoşani1265112823
5Universitatea Craiova12714221022
6FC Rapid Bucureşti1263315921
7FCM UTA Arad1255212820
8FC Farul Constanţa1253415818
9ACS Campionii FC Arges1253410718
10Chindia Targoviste123548814
11CS Gaz Metan Mediaş12327101511
12CS Mioveni1232761611
13Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe12174101310
14U Craiova 1948122378149
15FC Dinamo Bucureşti1221910287
16FC Academica Clinceni120399283
AZ AlkmaarFixtures and results
14/08/2021LeagueRKC Waalwijk (A)L 0-1
18/08/2021UELCeltic FC (A)L 0-2
26/08/2021UELCeltic FC (H)W 2-1Aboukhlal 6, Starfelt 26 (og)
29/08/2021Leaguesc Heerenveen (A)W 3-1Pavlidis 14, Witry 50, D. De Wit 88
11/09/2021LeaguePSV Eindhoven (H)L 0-3
16/09/2021UECLRanders FC (A)D 2-2Clasie 24, Pavlidis 34
19/09/2021LeagueHeracles Almelo (A)L 2-3A. Gudmundsson 19, Reijnders 89
23/09/2021LeagueFC Twente (A)L 1-3Karlsson 44
26/09/2021LeagueGo Ahead Eagles (H)W 5-0Karlsson 4, 83 (P), D. De Wit 29, Aboukhlal 86, Reijnders 90+1
30/09/2021UECLFK Jablonec (H)W 1-0A. Gudmundsson 53
03/10/2021LeagueSC Cambuur (A)W 3-1D. De Wit 16, Wijndal 33, Clasie 60
17/10/2021LeagueFC Utrecht (H)W 5-1Pavlidis 6, Karlsson 12, D. De Wit 39, 56, A. Gudmundsson 86 (P)
21/10/2021UECLCFR 1907 Cluj (A)
24/10/2021LeagueFC Groningen (A)
30/10/2021LeaguePEC Zwolle (H)
04/11/2021UECLCFR 1907 Cluj (H)
07/11/2021LeagueFeyenoord (A)
20/11/2021LeagueNEC Nijmegen (H)
25/11/2021UECLFK Jablonec (A)
28/11/2021LeagueVitesse (A)
02/12/2021LeagueSC Fortuna Sittard (H)
05/12/2021LeagueSparta Rotterdam (H)
09/12/2021UECLRanders FC (H)
12/12/2021LeagueAFC Ajax (A)
18/12/2021LeagueWillem II (H)
21/12/2021LeagueFC Groningen (H)
16/01/2022LeagueSC Fortuna Sittard (A)
22/01/2022LeagueSC Cambuur (H)
05/02/2022LeaguePSV Eindhoven (A)
13/02/2022LeagueGo Ahead Eagles (A)
20/02/2022LeagueHeracles Almelo (H)
27/02/2022LeagueFeyenoord (H)
06/03/2022LeagueNEC Nijmegen (A)
13/03/2022LeagueFC Twente (H)
20/03/2022LeagueWillem II (A)
03/04/2022LeagueVitesse (H)
10/04/2022LeaguePEC Zwolle (A)
24/04/2022Leaguesc Heerenveen (H)
01/05/2022LeagueSparta Rotterdam (A)
08/05/2022LeagueAFC Ajax (H)
11/05/2022LeagueFC Utrecht (A)
15/05/2022LeagueRKC Waalwijk (H)
1AFC Ajax971132222
2PSV Eindhoven9702221221
3FC Utrecht9522191017
4Willem II9522131117
7FC Twente9432151115
8sc Heerenveen9414111413
9AZ Alkmaar8404191312
10SC Cambuur9405162212
11NEC Nijmegen9324101611
12Heracles Almelo8314111410
13Go Ahead Eagles9315111810
14SC Fortuna Sittard82248168
15RKC Waalwijk914412157
16FC Groningen91448157
17Sparta Rotterdam91448177
18PEC Zwolle90183171

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