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UEFA Europa Conference League: ŠK Slovan Bratislava - Lincoln Red Imps FC Match press kits

UEFA Europa Conference League - 2021/22 SeasonMatch press kits

ŠK Slovan BratislavaŠK Slovan BratislavaNárodný futbalový štadión - BratislavaThursday 21 October 2021
21.00CET (21.00 local time)
Group F - Matchday 3
Lincoln Red Imps FCLincoln Red Imps FC
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Fixtures and results Only this chapter

ŠK Slovan BratislavaFixtures and results
07/07/2021UCLShamrock Rovers FC (H)W 2-0Rafael Ratão 28, 47
13/07/2021UCLShamrock Rovers FC (A)L 1-2Weiss 73
21/07/2021UCLBSC Young Boys (H)D 0-0
24/07/2021LeagueMFK Tatran Liptovský Mikuláš (A)W 4-1Krčík 22 (og), Lichý 72, Abena 78, da Silva 90+2
28/07/2021UCLBSC Young Boys (A)L 2-3Kanga 60 (og), Henty 62
31/07/2021LeagueAS Trenčín (H)W 2-0Weiss 61 (P), Zmrhal 67
05/08/2021UELLincoln Red Imps FC (A)W 3-1Kashia 16, Zmrhal 48, Henty 69
10/08/2021UELLincoln Red Imps FC (H)D 1-1Zmrhal 38
14/08/2021LeagueMFK Zemplín Michalovce (H)W 3-1Čavrić 1, Weiss 49 (P), Zmrhal 74
19/08/2021UELOlympiacos FC (A)L 0-3
22/08/2021LeagueSK Sered (A)W 1-0Dražić 1
26/08/2021UELOlympiacos FC (H)D 2-2Henty 41, Green 62
29/08/2021LeagueFC ViOn Zlaté Moravce (H)W 4-1Henty 43, 47, 82, Čavrić 49
12/09/2021LeagueFC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda (A)D 1-1Zmrhal 74
16/09/2021UECLF.C. Copenhagen (H)L 1-3Henty 21
19/09/2021LeagueMŠK Žilina (H)D 2-2Nemčík 4 (og), Mráz 32
22/09/2021LeagueMFK Ružomberok (A)L 0-1
25/09/2021LeagueFK Senica (A)W 3-0Dražić 2, Mráz 26, 35
30/09/2021UECLPAOK FC (A)D 1-1Green 15
03/10/2021LeagueFK Pohronie (H)W 5-1Mráz 24, De Marco 40, Henty 42, Zmrhal 54, Čmovš 67 (og)
09/10/2021CupTJ Pramen Kovacova (A)W 2-0Hrncar 14, Dražić 59
17/10/2021LeagueFC Spartak Trnava (A)a
21/10/2021UECLLincoln Red Imps FC (H)
24/10/2021LeagueMFK Tatran Liptovský Mikuláš (H)
31/10/2021LeagueAS Trenčín (A)
04/11/2021UECLLincoln Red Imps FC (A)
07/11/2021LeagueMFK Ružomberok (H)
20/11/2021LeagueMFK Zemplín Michalovce (A)
25/11/2021UECLPAOK FC (H)
28/11/2021LeagueSK Sered (H)
04/12/2021LeagueFC ViOn Zlaté Moravce (A)
09/12/2021UECLF.C. Copenhagen (A)
12/12/2021LeagueFC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda (H)
18/12/2021LeagueMŠK Žilina (A)
12/02/2022LeagueFK Senica (H)
19/02/2022LeagueFK Pohronie (A)
26/02/2022LeagueFC Spartak Trnava (H)
1ŠK Slovan Bratislava1072125823
2FC Spartak Trnava1072118423
3MFK Ružomberok11461161018
4FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda11533181518
5MFK Zemplín Michalovce11524141317
6AS Trenčín11353171414
7MŠK Žilina11425151414
8FK Senica11353121614
9SK Sered11335101412
10MFK Tatran Liptovský Mikuláš11317162610
11FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce1114612247
12FK Pohronie1113710256
Lincoln Red Imps FCFixtures and results
06/07/2021UCLCS Fola Esch (A)D 2-2Carralero 26, Britto 50
13/07/2021UCLCS Fola Esch (H)W 5-0De Barr 19, 73, L. Walker 39 (P), 68 (P), Ronan 58
20/07/2021UCLCFR 1907 Cluj (H)L 1-2Rosa 45
28/07/2021UCLCFR 1907 Cluj (A)L 0-2
05/08/2021UELŠK Slovan Bratislava (H)L 1-3L. Walker 73 (P)
10/08/2021UELŠK Slovan Bratislava (A)D 1-1Kike Gómez 90
19/08/2021UECLRiga FC (A)D 1-1Carralero 72
26/08/2021UECLRiga FC (H)W 3-1L. Walker 32 (P), R. Chipolina 105 ET, Ronan 122 ET
16/09/2021UECLPAOK FC (H)L 0-2
30/09/2021UECLF.C. Copenhagen (A)L 1-3Rosa 33
17/10/2021LeagueEuropa FC (H)W 3-1L. Walker 77, R. Chipolina 88, Gómez Bernal 90+8
21/10/2021UECLŠK Slovan Bratislava (A)
25/10/2021LeagueLynx FC (A)
28/10/2021LeagueLions Gibraltar FC (H)
04/11/2021UECLŠK Slovan Bratislava (H)
21/11/2021LeagueGlacis United FC (A)
25/11/2021UECLF.C. Copenhagen (H)
26/11/2021LeagueMons Calpe SC (H)
05/12/2021LeagueSt Joseph's FC (A)
09/12/2021UECLPAOK FC (A)
19/12/2021LeagueFC Magpies (H)
07/01/2022LeagueManchester 62 FC (A)
16/01/2022LeagueCollege 1975 FC (H)
22/01/2022LeagueEuropa Point FC (A)
1FC Magpies1100503
2St Joseph's FC1100413
3Lincoln Red Imps FC1100313
4Manchester 62 FC1100203
5Glacis United FC0000000
6Lions Gibraltar FC0000000
7Mons Calpe SC0000000
8Europa FC1001130
9College 1975 FC1001020
10Lynx FC1001140
11Europa Point FC1001050

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