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UEFA Europa League: FC Spartak Trnava - Fenerbahçe SK Match press kits

UEFA Europa League - 2018/19 SeasonMatch press kits

FC Spartak TrnavaFC Spartak TrnavaŠtadión Antona Malatinského - TrnavaThursday 13 December 2018
21.00CET (21.00 local time)
Group D - Matchday 6
Fenerbahçe SKFenerbahçe SK
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Fixtures and results Only this chapter

FC Spartak TrnavaFixtures and results
11/07/2018UCLHŠK Zrinjski (H)W 1-0Jirka 79
18/07/2018UCLHŠK Zrinjski (A)D 1-1Godál 15
21/07/2018LeagueFK Senica (A)L 0-1
24/07/2018UCLLegia Warszawa (A)W 2-0Grendel 16, Vlasko 90+3
28/07/2018LeagueFC ViOn Zlaté Moravce (H)W 1-0Vlasko 60
31/07/2018UCLLegia Warszawa (H)L 0-1
04/08/2018LeagueŽP Šport Podbrezová (A)L 0-1
07/08/2018UCLFK Crvena zvezda (A)D 1-1Grendel 25
11/08/2018LeagueMFK Zemplín Michalovce (H)W 3-0Miesenboeck 11, Hladík 67, Sloboda 82
14/08/2018UCLFK Crvena zvezda (H)L 1-2Bakoš 6
18/08/2018LeagueFC Nitra (A)D 0-0
23/08/2018UELNK Olimpija Ljubljana (A)W 2-0Bakoš 23 (P), B. Ilić 35 (og)
26/08/2018LeagueMFK Ružomberok (H)D 0-0
30/08/2018UELNK Olimpija Ljubljana (H)D 1-1Godál 12
02/09/2018LeagueAS Trenčín (A)L 0-1
06/09/2018CupFK Rača (A)W 9-0Miesenboeck 12, 39, 65, Bakoš 13, Godál 26, Skhirtladze 42, 49, Janso 67 (P), Jarovic 74
15/09/2018LeagueMŠK Žilina (H)L 1-2Małecki 68
20/09/2018UELRSC Anderlecht (H)W 1-0Oravec 79
23/09/2018LeagueFC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda (A)L 2-3Ghorbani 29, 62
26/09/2018CupSlovan Most (A)W 3-1Miesenboeck 10, Skhirtladze 14, Ghorbani 36
29/09/2018LeagueŠK Slovan Bratislava (H)L 1-2Bakoš 45
04/10/2018UELFenerbahçe SK (A)L 0-2
07/10/2018LeagueSK Sered (H)W 2-1Bakoš 28, Godál 47 (P)
11/10/2018CupPartizan Bardejov (A)W 5-0Dangubić 21, 49, 66, Tóth 85, Yilmaz 89
20/10/2018LeagueFK Senica (H)W 4-1Grendel 6, Miesenboeck 43, 59, Tchanturishvili 73
25/10/2018UELGNK Dinamo Zagreb (H)L 1-2Ghorbani 32
28/10/2018LeagueFC ViOn Zlaté Moravce (A)D 1-1Grendel 80 (P)
03/11/2018LeagueŽP Šport Podbrezová (H)W 2-0Rada 14, Tchanturishvili 90+2
08/11/2018UELGNK Dinamo Zagreb (A)L 1-3Tchanturishvili 63
11/11/2018LeagueMFK Zemplín Michalovce (A)L 0-1
16/11/2018CupŽP Šport Podbrezová (A)W 2-0Grendel 6, Yilmaz 28
24/11/2018LeagueFC Nitra (H)L 2-3Tchanturishvili 55, Yilmaz 57
29/11/2018UELRSC Anderlecht (A)D 0-0
02/12/2018LeagueMFK Ružomberok (A)L 1-3Yilmaz 88
08/12/2018LeagueAS Trenčín (H)W 3-1Yilmaz 5, 83, Grendel 29
13/12/2018UELFenerbahçe SK (H)
16/02/2019LeagueMŠK Žilina (A)
23/02/2019LeagueFC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda (H)
02/03/2019LeagueŠK Slovan Bratislava (A)
09/03/2019LeagueSK Sered (A)
1ŠK Slovan Bratislava181440471746
2FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda181152382238
3MŠK Žilina181044332134
4MFK Ružomberok18774292028
5SK Sered18747222625
6FC Nitra18738262524
7MFK Zemplín Michalovce18738243124
8FC Spartak Trnava18639232121
9AS Trenčín185310233218
10ŽP Šport Podbrezová185211183017
11FK Senica18369193615
12FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce183213143511
Fenerbahçe SKFixtures and results
07/08/2018UCLSL Benfica (A)L 0-1
11/08/2018LeagueBursaspor (H)W 2-1Giuliano 22, Souza 30
14/08/2018UCLSL Benfica (H)D 1-1Alper Potuk 45+1
18/08/2018LeagueYeni Malatyaspor (A)L 0-1
25/08/2018LeagueGöztepe Izmir (A)L 0-1
01/09/2018LeagueKayserispor (H)L 2-3A. Ayew 13, Slimani 57
16/09/2018LeagueKonyaspor (A)W 1-0Elmas 67
20/09/2018UELGNK Dinamo Zagreb (A)L 1-4Neustädter 47
24/09/2018LeagueBeşiktaş JK (H)D 1-1A. Ayew 71
30/09/2018LeagueRizespor (A)L 0-3
04/10/2018UELFC Spartak Trnava (H)W 2-0Slimani 52, 69
07/10/2018Leagueİstanbul Başakşehir (H)D 0-0
20/10/2018LeagueSivasspor (A)D 0-0
25/10/2018UELRSC Anderlecht (A)D 2-2Frey 53, Hasan Ali Kaldırım 57
28/10/2018LeagueMKE Ankaragücü (H)L 1-3Özgenc 89
02/11/2018LeagueGalatasaray AŞ (A)D 2-2Valbuena 66, Jailson 72
08/11/2018UELRSC Anderlecht (H)W 2-0Valbuena 71, Frey 74
11/11/2018LeagueAlanyaspor (H)W 2-0A. Ayew 19, Frey 31
25/11/2018LeagueTrabzonspor AŞ (A)L 1-2Frey 82
29/11/2018UELGNK Dinamo Zagreb (H)D 0-0
03/12/2018LeagueKasımpaşa SK (H)D 2-2Neustädter 44, Özgür Çek 45+3
06/12/2018CupGiresunspor (H)W 1-0Slimani 80
09/12/2018LeagueAkhisar Belediyespor (A)L 0-3
13/12/2018UELFC Spartak Trnava (A)
17/12/2018LeagueBB Erzurumspor (H)
20/12/2018CupGiresunspor (A)
24/12/2018LeagueAntalyaspor (A)
20/01/2019LeagueBursaspor (A)
27/01/2019LeagueYeni Malatyaspor (H)
03/02/2019LeagueGöztepe Izmir (H)
10/02/2019LeagueKayserispor (A)
17/02/2019LeagueKonyaspor (H)
24/02/2019LeagueBeşiktaş JK (A)
03/03/2019LeagueRizespor (H)
10/03/2019Leagueİstanbul Başakşehir (A)
17/03/2019LeagueSivasspor (H)
07/04/2019LeagueMKE Ankaragücü (A)
14/04/2019LeagueGalatasaray AŞ (H)
21/04/2019LeagueAlanyaspor (A)
28/04/2019LeagueTrabzonspor AŞ (H)
05/05/2019LeagueKasımpaşa SK (A)
12/05/2019LeagueAkhisar Belediyespor (H)
19/05/2019LeagueBB Erzurumspor (A)
26/05/2019LeagueAntalyaspor (H)
1İstanbul Başakşehir15103220633
2Kasımpaşa SK15825312426
4Beşiktaş JK15744251725
5Yeni Malatyaspor15744231525
6Trabzonspor AŞ15744261925
7Galatasaray AŞ15744251825
10MKE Ankaragücü15627171920
12Göztepe Izmir 15609151918
13Akhisar Belediyespor15447192516
16BB Erzurumspor15357131914
17Fenerbahçe SK15357142214

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Other abbreviations

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  • pens: Penalties
  • No.: Number
  • og: Own goal
  • ag: Match decided on away goals
  • P: Penalty
  • agg: Aggregate
  • Pld: Matches played
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  • Pos.: Position
  • Comp.: Competition
  • Pts: Points
  • D: Drawn
  • R: Sent off (straight red card)
  • DoB: Date of birth
  • Res.: Result
  • ET: Extra Time
  • sg: Match decided by silver goal
  • GA: Goals against
  • t: Match decided by toss of a coin
  • GF: Goals for
  • W: Won
  • gg: Match decided by golden goal
  • Y: Booked
  • L: Lost
  • Y/R: Sent off (two yellow cards)
  • Nat.: Nationality
  • N/A: Not applicable
  • f: Match forfeited


  • -: Denotes player substituted
  • +: Denotes player introduced
  • *: Denotes player sent off
  • +/-: Denotes player introduced and substituted

Squad list

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  • *: Misses next match if booked
  • S: Suspended
  • QUAL: All UEFA qualifiers
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