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UEFA Nations League: Romania - Lithuania Match press kits

UEFA Nations League - 2018/19 SeasonMatch press kits

RomaniaRomaniaIlie Oană - PloiestiSaturday 17 November 2018
20.45CET (21.45 local time)
Group C4 - Matchday 5
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Head to Head

UEFA Nations League
DateStage reachedMatchResultVenueGoalscorers
11/10/2018GS-FTLithuania - Romania1-2
VilniusŽulpa 90; Chipciu 13, Maxim 90+4
FIFA World Cup
DateStage reachedMatchResultVenueGoalscorers
06/06/2009QR (GS)Lithuania - Romania0-1
MarijampoleMarica 39
06/09/2008QR (GS)Romania - Lithuania0-3
Cluj-NapocaStankevičius 31, Mikalajunas 69, Kalonas 87
FIFA World Cup
DateStage reachedMatchResultVenueGoalscorers
06/06/2001QR (GS)Lithuania - Romania1-2
KaunasFomenko 86; Ilie 31, V Moldovan 49
03/09/2000QR (GS)Romania - Lithuania1-0
BucharestI Ganea 88
FIFA World Cup
DateStage reachedMatchResultVenueGoalscorers
02/04/1997QR (GS)Lithuania - Romania0-1
VilniusV Moldovan 72
31/08/1996QR (GS)Romania - Lithuania3-0
BucharestV Moldovan 20, Petrescu 65, Gâlcă 77
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