Generous Jovetić pays stranger's medical bills

Young Budućnost Podgorica forward Milivoje Raičević was at a loss after tearing his cruciate ligaments in August, unable to afford the surgery. Then his phone rang ...

Stevan Jovetić in action for Inter this season
Stevan Jovetić in action for Inter this season ©AFP/Getty Images

When Milivoje Raičević tore his cruciate ligaments in August he was at a loss.

The injury was bad enough, the stuff of nightmares for any sportsperson. But then there was the question of how exactly the 22-year-old would get the medical care he needed: his club, Budućnost Podgorica, could not afford it.

Then the phone rang … it was another Montenegrin forward, Internazionale's Stevan Jovetić.

"When he heard what had happened and discovered that my club doesn't have enough money to send me to Augsburg following a misdiagnosis in Montenegro, Jovetić called me and offered his help," explains Raičević.

Budućnost Podgorica in training
Budućnost Podgorica in training©Savo Prelević

"He arranged for me to meet a doctor who helped him when he had the same injury [in 2010]. Jovetić covered all examination costs and also paid for surgery, which I had a few days ago in Serbia."

It is a heart-warming story, all the more so because until that initial phone call, Jovetić had never spoken to Raičević in his life. No links. Raičević plays for Budućnost; Jovetić, currently on loan from Manchester City, started out at arch-rivals Mladost.

"All I can do is say many, many thanks and promise to Stevan that I will be back next season, scoring goals for him," says Raičević.