Otelul dispense with Orac

Costel Orac's one-year reign as coach of the Romanian club CS Otelul Galati has come to an end.

Insufficient progress
The club's president, Nicolae Boghici, has fired him claiming that Otelul were not making sufficient progress in the league. "Despite the fact we are in sixth place, the first half of the season didn't show any improvement in our play or any hope for the future," he said.

One-year reign
Orac had been in charge for a year. He could not prevent the club from losing a relegation play-off against FC Oradea at the end of last season, but Otelul survived in the top flight due to the merger of Astra Ploiesti and FC Petrolul Ploiesti, which created an extra space in the league.

Coaching roundabout
The first half of the Romanian season ended five days ago, and Otelul are the fifth club to have changed coach following similar moves at AFC Rapid Bucuresti, FCM Bacau, Oradea and FC Universitatea Craiova.