San Marino training youngsters to reach the top

San Marino's best young players from the generation born in 1998 and 1999 are receiving special tuition as part of the football federation's national training centre project.

The FSGC is hoping to develop future internationals
The FSGC is hoping to develop future internationals ©CFA

A project aimed at developing future international footballers in San Marino and ensuring they achieve the highest standards possible has entered its second phase.

The second season of the San Marino Football Federation (FSGC) national training centre project started in September 2010, involving the best youth players from the country's clubs. Two players born in 1998 or 1999 from each club were selected to take part in the initiative which entails two sessions a week until June at the Faetano Sports Centre.

The sessions are being led by some of the FSGC's top coaches – Claudio Bartoletti and Firmino Pederiva (technique and tactics), Davide Gasperini (skills and coordination training), Carlo Casadei (goalkeeping) and Prof. Emilio Cecchini, who is responsible for the overall coordination of the four-part programme.

The young players are split into small groups for a type of circuit training featuring different exercises prepared by the technical staff. An emphasis in the sessions is placed on the different phases of the game and team formations, based on studies and the methodology applied by Cecchini and fellow technician Enrico Battisti.