Burleanu's new four-year term in Romania

Răzvan Burleanu will serve a second four-year term as president of the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) after his re-election.

© Cristian Dangeorge (Romanian Football Federation)

Răzvan Burleanu has been re-elected as president of the Romanian Football Federation (FRF).

The 33-year-old, the son of a former footballer – his father Gheorghe Burleanu made more than 350 top-flight appearances for various clubs in Romania – was confirmed in office for a second four-year term at the association’s general assembly in Bucharest. He first took the helm of the FRF in 2014.

“My gratitude goes to the FRF team for their hard work over the last four years,” Burleanu said after his re-election. “I am proud to be part of this family. I wish to launch a message of unity, and will do my best to have this unity over the next four years as well”.