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Accent on children in Moldova

The Football Association of Moldova (FMF) has welcomed the ministry of education's approval of the introduction of football in schools.

Accent on children in Moldova
Accent on children in Moldova ©Football Association of Moldova

The Football Association of Moldova (FMF) has achieved probably the most beautiful victory in its history, with the ministry of education having approved in November the introduction of football in schools.

The project will consist of two football lessons a week as part of physical education lessons for girls and boys in primary school. The project will be piloted in about 100 schools that have signed agreements with the FMF. In total, about 15,000 children will be involved.

The number of schools signing agreements with the association is constantly increasing, and more schools will be involved in the project from the start of the 2020/21 school year.

The FMF is training 166 coaches (PE and primary school teachers) who, on completing the free training, will receive the FMF D licence. In addition, the FMF will provide each school, free of charge, with 10 balls, 20 football training marker cones, 10 training bibs, and equipment and material for teachers.

The short-term objective of the FMF is to create good conditions for teaching football in primary schools.

The continuity of this project is extremely important, and the next step the FMF plans to take will be to set up specialised football classes, starting in 2020.

The FMF has asked the ministry of education to sign a memorandum of understanding for the implementation of the first four objectives of the new FMF development strategy for 2020–24: football in kindergartens, football in schools, specialised football classes and football academies, thereby making children’s football the FMF’s top priority for the coming four years.

This article orginally appeared in UEFA Direct 188