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Georgia – New identity for the national teams

A new brand platform has been created to unite all Georgian national teams.


Various football-related groups and individuals worked with the Georgian Football Federation to create the new platform. They included current and former players, as well as fans and journalists. The new brand platform was designed by the communications agency Windfor’s.

Comprehensive research, consultation and interviews with the parties involved revealed that in order to form a modern and strong brand for the national teams, a solid ideological foundation was required.

The first step was to develop a brand platform built around the idea of an athlete’s constant personal growth – after all, it is the unity of the individuals that makes the national teams strong contenders internationally.

The visual identity of the brand was changed as well. The archetype of the brand is a hero – someone who defeats weakness in themself and inspires others with their determination.

Visual portrayal

A visual portrayal of this philosophy can be found on our country’s coat of arms: St George is a symbol of strength, hope and the fight against evil.

One of the main interpretations of this symbol is the victory over one’s weaknesses – you can defeat any rival once you defeat the weakness in yourself. Thus, a new and modern version of the symbol became the visual identity of the national teams.

Along with the main symbol, a visual style was also developed – a unique pattern incorporating Georgian characters and symbols into the brand identity.

‘I Am Georgia’ is the new slogan and verbal identity of the brand, which captures the new ideology.

On the one hand, it is the brand that speaks those words as it represents the country in front of the whole world. On the other hand, every player strives to constantly improve themself, shows the maximum of their capabilities and in this way contributes to the team. Finally, the brand also speaks for the fans who support the national teams in the name of the whole country.

Last but not least, the national team kit was redesigned as well. Three different kits were created based on the new visual identity and modern visual trends.

This article originally appeared in UEFA Direct 198