Social responsibility report showcases football's sustainable business practices

That football can be a powerful unifier and a force for sustainable development is the unwavering tenet behind the vast work outlined in the UEFA Football and Social Responsibility Report 2017/18.


Plenty done; much more to be achieved. The latest UEFA Football and Social Responsibility Report shines a light on the projects and accomplishments across Europe in the 2017/18 season, while acknowledging the great potential for further development.

This report marks UEFA's sixth season of detailing its football and social responsibility (FSR) activities and the start of the new four-year business cycle. This edition uses a good practice template to highlight the innovative methods and techniques applied to socially responsibility activities. 

It is divided into four key sections: 

• Inside UEFA
• National associations
• FSR portfolio partners
• Competitions

In addition, new strategic topics have been introduced following a thorough stakeholder review: human rights, child safeguarding, and football for refugees.

From the steps made at UEFA itself to increase sustainability, inclusivity and diversity, to the work done at all Europe's national associations aided by annual HatTrick grants, plus UEFA's expert partner organisations' activities, the report offers a comprehensive overview of existing FSR initiatives across the continent.

There is also a review of the first six years since the first report was published, giving a full overview of the positive steps made – and what still needs to be done. As chairman of the Fair Play and Social Responsibility Committee Peter Gilliéron says in his opening message, there have been "many milestones reached ... but there still remains a lot of ground to cover".

The report is available in English, French and German.