Doctor education session on emergency treatment

Club and national team doctors in the Netherlands came together for a UEFA Football Doctor Education Programme seminar on handling emergency situations on the field.

Docor education session on emergency treatment
Docor education session on emergency treatment ©UEFA

Football’s medical sector has grown in importance to keep pace with the game’s development – and UEFA continues to give crucial support to the doctors and medical experts working in the field through its Football Doctor Education Programme (FDEP).

The Netherlands has staged a domestic seminar as part of the programme, which gives key guidance and training in the treatment of injured footballers.

Sixteen participants from Dutch club first teams and academies joined together with national team doctors for practical instruction and theoretical training on how to deal especially with emergency on-field situations.

As part of the agenda, real-life scenarios were simulated to give the doctors practical training on how to react to and approach what may be critical situations at a match.

The seminar was part of the FDEP’s “cascading process” – which means that doctors who take part can then “cascade” the contents of the seminar to colleagues in their own country – guaranteeing that essential knowledge and expertise is transmitted throughout a country’s football medical community.

The FDEP's content and educational material has been compiled in conjunction with UEFA's Medical Committee and renowned sports medicine experts.

Participants take tests at the end of each course to evaluate the degree of skills and knowledge obtained.

All of the participants in the Netherlands passed their test and, consequently, are now able to impart know-how to others, in line with UEFA's medical education philosophy.

Those who took part in the Netherlands seminar welcomed the chance to enhance their learning and expertise:

“Especially for me being a young doctor, it made me feel much more confident to handle emergency situations on and off the pitch.”
Britt Valk, sports medicine physician, Dutch women’s U16 team physician

“The course helped me as a football doctor to have a structured approach to a medical emergency on the football field. It also helped us to critically look at the facilities at our own club, so we can adjust these when necessary.”
Pieter Sengkerij, Vitesse Arnhem team physician

It was a really practical course, preparing me well for my task and responsibilities as a pitch doctor in professional football.
Herbert Roerdink, trauma surgeon, Go Ahead Eagles team physician and traumatology consultant