UEFA and FARE stand against discrimination

At the start of the Football People action weeks linked to the 'No to Racism' campaign, FARE executive director Piara Powar gave his views on tackling discrimination.

FARE stands against discrimination
FARE stands against discrimination

UEFA is giving its full support to Europe's largest anti-discrimination campaign – the Football People action weeks, organised by its long-standing partner, the FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) network.

From 8 to 22 October 2015, a large number of activities encouraging a European football free of racism, intolerance and xenophobia, will take place across 40 matches in UEFA's club competitions and the European Qualifiers, witnessed by millions of fans in stadiums and on television.

FARE network executive director, Piara Powar, discusses the impact of the 'No to Racism' campaign and of the UEFA clubs regulations.

What are the FARE Football People action weeks?
We see it as a celebration. The idea that we are all football people regardless of your background, where you live, your ethnic racial background, your gender, your disability, your sexual orientation.

In essence, what is the message?
For us the message is a very strong one: together we stand against discrimination, to highlight discrimination, but also at the same time, in solidarity, in friendship, in understanding ourselves better.

Aside the 'No to Racism' TV spots, the print advertisements, the children wearing 'No to Racism' T-shirts accompanying the teams on to the pitch, and the captains wearing the 'No to Racism'-branded armbands, what is going to happen?
We have around 2,000 activities and you know these days we can't even keep track of how many activities there are. So, it's something that just escalates out of control but in a good way. We're pleased about that.

What are the impacts of UEFA new regulations regarding clubs' sanctions?  
We have a very clear set of guidelines and rules with very clear punishments attached. So, everybody knows what they could be sanctioned for. And it gives the disciplinary experts something very clear to operate on.

To hear more from Piara Powar, click on the video.

To learn more about the Fare Football People action weeks, please visit farenet.org.

For more information about UEFA's No to Racism campaign, see UEFA.org.

Say no to racism
Say no to racism