ICRC grateful for UEFA's regular contribution

"It allows us to work in the long term," explained ICRC director general Yves Daccord as he stressed the importance of UEFA's annual €100,000 donation.

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After receiving a donation of €100,000 from UEFA via Real Madrid CF duo Toni Kroos and Cristiano Ronaldo, Yves Daccord, director general of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), explained the importance of the partnership with UEFA.

On the benefits of the ICRC-UEFA partnership ...
"The fact we receive €100,000 once a year based on the vote for UEFA.com users' Team of the Year is very important for the ICRC. It's important because we can spend that €100,000 on a very specific programme in Afghanistan, which aims at 'rebuilding' people. The money is spent on building and repairing prosthetics. Nowadays, making a prosthetic for a kid is difficult, using very complicated material – it must be durable. But also, because a child grows up very fast, you have to change his prosthetics and you have to follow up on him throughout his life. The €100,000 is crucial as it allows us to work in the long term."

On the impact of the donation on Afghanistan ...
"The money received from UEFA allows us not only to give physical support but we've even gone a step further and taken a lot of risks by integrating people into society. One thing I'm proud of today is that if you look at the seven ICRC centres in Afghanistan, 90–95% of people working there are ex-patients. That's fantastic and that was made possible because UEFA helped us in the long term."

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