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CSKA's Akinfeev, Doumbia promote inclusivity

As UEFA club competition matches focus on diversity and anti-discrimination, CSKA Moskva duo Igor Akinfeev and Seydou Doumbia have their own messages of inclusivity.

On FARE Football People action weeks, PFC CSKA Moskva duo Igor Akinfeev and Seydou Doumbia discuss the importance of football being an inclusive sport that stands against discrimination.

"No to Racism," say CSKA Moskva duo Igor Akinfeev and Seydou Doumbia as they look into the camera.

The team-mates took time out from their build-up to Wednesday's UEFA Champions League encounter with Manchester United to discuss the importance of inclusivity in football.

"We're all the same," says Russia goalkeeper Akinfeev, who has joined UEFA in their support of FARE Football People action weeks. "We should respect one another and understand that on this planet every human being has his own individuality and it's not about the colour of his skin."

To hear more from Akinfeev and Doumbia, click on the video player.