Warm welcome for new body

The creation of a European Club Association has been well received by all sides.

The creation of a new European Club Association (ECA) and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between UEFA and the ECA in Nyon, Switzerland, on Monday has been welcomed by all sides in creating the conditions for a new harmonious era in European football.
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Logic and common sense
"As far as I am concerned, I would not qualify the day as historic," said UEFA President Michel Platini, "because I feel that there is a logic which has been followed by people of common sense. Years of work have led to this agreement.

Proper balance
"A proper balance has been found, in the form of an independent European Club Association. In addition, it would not have been possible to find an agreement without the help of [the world body] FIFA in certain areas."

New harmony
The foundation of the ECA means that the road is open for harmony to be re-established between Europe's clubs, UEFA and FIFA. The ECA will be an independent and autonomous body representing the European clubs' interests at continental level. The ECA will also recognise UEFA as the European football governing body, and FIFA as the world football governing body.

Fair play and respect
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, chairman of the ECA, described events in Nyon as "a very good day for European football. A spirit of fair play and respect, and give and take, has helped the football family to again find harmony.

Right road
"It is also important that [pending] legal cases are also to end – this is a sign that we are all moving along the right road. UEFA is satisfied, FIFA is satisfied, and the clubs are satisfied. I think this is a very positive day for the football family in Europe."

Confidence and a love of football
FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta added: "We have sought a solution and we have found a solution. It is a very important day because we have reached an agreement within the football family based on confidence and a love of football."