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Fair Play bonus for Norway, England and Sweden

Norway, England and Sweden have each been granted an additional place in the 2011/12 UEFA Europa League as the top three nations in the UEFA Respect Fair Play rankings.

Good conduct has had a tangible reward for three UEFA member associations
Good conduct has had a tangible reward for three UEFA member associations ©UEFA.com

Norway have won an extra UEFA Europa League place as winners of the UEFA Respect Fair Play rankings, with England and Sweden also rewarded for their teams' conduct in UEFA games.

The standings, which cover all matches played in UEFA competition at club and national-team levels from 1 May 2010 to 30 April 2011, take into account assessments made by official UEFA delegates on criteria such as positive play, respect for the opposition, respect for the referee, behaviour of the crowd and of team officials, as well as cautions and dismissals.

Norway came out on top in the rankings, which only contain sides that have played 34 or more UEFA games in the time period. The Football Association of Norway (NFF) therefore receives an extra place in the first qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League, which will also feature an additional club each from England and Sweden after they finished second and third in the table.

The three associations allocated a bonus UEFA Europa League place will be entitled to enter the team that won their domestic top-division fair play competitions. If this side have already qualified for a UEFA club competition, the second-placed team in the domestic fair play league may be entered and, should they also have already qualified, the third-placed team and so forth.

It is even possible for a side that have been relegated to the second division to qualify for the UEFA Europa League, as a result of exemplary conduct during the domestic championship. Only clubs that have obtained a UEFA licence will be able to participate in the UEFA Europa League.