Season's achievements


• The Argentinian FIFA Ballon D'Or winner scored 53 goals in 55 club appearances, including 31 in the Spanish top flight.

• Finished UEFA Champions League top scorer for the third season running, with a record-equalling 12-goal tally.

• Scored twice against Real Madrid CF in the semi-finals and hit Barcelona's second in the final against Manchester United FC.


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Year in numbers



15 in UEFA competitions

34 in domestic competitions

Minutes played


1291 in UEFA competitions

2901 in domestic competitions



8 in UEFA competitions

40 in domestic competitions



5 in UEFA competitions

11 in domestic competitions

Goal attempts


37 in UEFA competitions

102 in domestic competitions

Passes completion %


81.26% in UEFA competitions

75.66% in domestic competitions

Matches won


11 in UEFA competitions

27 in domestic competitions

Matches drawn


3 in UEFA competitions

5 in domestic competitions

Matches lost


1 in UEFA competitions

2 in domestic competitions

UEFA competitions: Matches in UEFA's own competitions e.g. UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. Non-EURO international matches are not included.

What they said

I'd like to thank all the people that voted for me, and all my team-mates. It's an honour to be so successful and to come up with the goods at the right time; thanks to my team-mates for helping me achieve this.
Lionel Messi
Messi had an exceptional year and a wonderful performance in the Champions League final at Wembley. But he has had a fantastic few years and has really marked himself out as the player of his generation. He has got wonderful technique, wonderful vision and a brilliant brain.
Gavin Hamilton, World Soccer (England)
I voted for Lionel Messi because he is the outstanding player in an outstanding team. Pep Guardiola said something very good after the Champions League final, saying that Messi was the best he has ever seen, and the best he will ever see. For me there was no reason not to vote for Messi.
Peter Birrer, Tages Anzeiger (Switzerland)