St George's coach education focus

The English Football Association is hoping that St George's Park can improve the nation's coach education, with facilities for learning that will be utilised by educators from the grassroots level upwards.

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    • Diamond passing training drill

      Diamond passing training drill

      Follow this training exercise which is designed to improve your team's passing and combination play.
    • Overlapping wing-play session

      Overlapping wing-play session

      Former Football Association of Ireland High Performance Director Wim Koevermans designed this training session focused on improving play down the wings.
    • Counterattacking with pace

      Counterattacking with pace

      Help your team to launch fast counterattacks with this training drill designed by former Scotland Under-19 coach and Rangers FC youth academy director Tommy Wilson.
    • Rădulescu build-up play drill

      Rădulescu build-up play drill

      This training routine designed by Director of the Romanian Football Association Coaching School, Mircea Rădulescu, is geared to help your players to improve their build-up play and launch effective attacks.
    • Lennartsson possession drill

      Lennartsson possession drill

      Hone your team's ability to keep the ball with this training drill designed by former Sweden Under-21 coach Jörgen Lennartsson.
    • Mezey's finishing drill

      Mezey's finishing drill

      Improve your team's ability in front of goal with this training exercise designed by experienced Hungarian coach György Mezey.
    • Bonner's control and distribution drills

      Bonner's control and distribution drills

      Former Republic of Ireland goalkeeper and UEFA instructor, Packie Bonner has designed two exercises to help improve a keeper become more comfortable with the ball at their feet.
    • Van Lingen training games

      Van Lingen training games

      This series of training games, designed by former Netherlands and Russia assistant coach Bert van Lingen, can be set up in small areas and be played simultaneously if you have a large group of players.
    • Attacking play through central channels

      Attacking play through central channels

      This training exercise designed by Greek Football Association coach education director Aristotelis Batakis aims to help your team to improve its play through the central channels to build quick and effective attacks.
    • Wilkinson's breakaway drill

      Wilkinson's breakaway drill

      A training drill from former England Under-21 manager Howard Wilkinson to improve your team's effectiveness at launching quick breakaways and scoring from crosses.
    • Filho possession drill

      Filho possession drill

      Brazilian coach Oswaldo De Oliveira Filho presents a training drill designed to improve your team's ability at keeping the ball.
    • Petrescu on defending part one

      Petrescu on defending part one

      Former Chelsea FC and Romania star Dan Petrescu offers an insight into the elements that go into a solid defensive line, in the first of a three-part series.
    • Petrescu on wide-play part three

      Petrescu on wide-play part three

      In the third part of Dan Petrescu's insight into wide-play, the FC Dinamo Moskva explains the difficulties having two attackers against one defender can cause as well as extending the training drill from part two of the series.
    • Petrescu on wide-play part two

      Petrescu on wide-play part two

      In the second of Dan Petrescu's insights into wide-play the former Romanian international and current FC Dynamo Moskva coach presents a basic drill to enhance this part of a team's play.
    • Petrescu on wide-play part one

      Petrescu on wide-play part one

      Former Chelsea FC and Romania star Dan Petrescu offers an insight into how to utilise players in wide positions, in the first of a three-part series.
    • Kaarna inspiring Estonian coaches

      Kaarna inspiring Estonian coaches

      We meet Katrin Kaarna and find out how she is setting an example for Estonian coaches to follow as the only woman in her homeland with a UEFA Pro Licence.
    • Celtic's tactical masterclass

      Celtic's tactical masterclass

      Celtic FC's 2-1 defeat of FC Barcelona in the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League was one of the most memorable results in the club's history. Manager Neil Lennon and forward Giorgios Samaras recalls the tactics of that match.
    • Villas-Boas recalls Scottish beginnings

      Villas-Boas recalls Scottish beginnings

      André Villas-Boas has made huge steps up the coaching ladder since getting some of his first experience in Scotland, memories that he looks back on fondly.
    • Bayern's Barcelona masterplan

      Bayern's Barcelona masterplan

      Coach Jupp Heynckes and midfield star Franck Ribéry look back on the tactics of FC Bayern München's memorable UEFA Champions League semi-final success against FC Barcelona.
    • Challenges of tournament fitness

      Challenges of tournament fitness

      The second part of our insight into fitness around a tournament focuses on the period after the competition has begun as leading fitness coaches reveal the key priorities.
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