NFF president visits UEFA

The Football Association of Norway (NFF) president Yngve Hallén has visited Nyon for talks which centred on HatTrick programme assistance and financial fair play.

The president of the Football Association of Norway (NFF), Yngve Hallén, has paid a visit to UEFA's House of European Football in Nyon.

Mr Hallén and NFF general secretary Paul Glomsaker met UEFA president Michel Platini and national associations director Theo Theodoridis. Talks focused especially on the UEFA HatTrick assistance programme in which the European governing body provides sporting and infrastructure aid for its member national associations.

"It's been important for me to come, because I want to know about how UEFA is organised and about the people here," said Mr Hallén, who was elected as NFF president in March. The Norwegian visitors were also given an insight into the financial fair play concept launched by UEFA to help create a stable future for European football.

"The HatTrick programme has been especially important for our own programmes – for example, we have been able to build many mini-pitches and artificial turf pitches," he added, explaining the need for such facilities in a northern country with its own particular weather conditions.

Norway has grown impressively as a football nation over the decades, and a fine recent generation of men's players produced some outstanding performances for their national team on the international stage. Women's football also enjoys considerable popularity in Norway. A major aim is for the younger generation to excel in the coming years.

"Obviously we want our national men's team to qualify for the next [EURO] championship," said Mr Hallén. "We will continue to work with children and young players, and we want to lift the standards of the top women's league."