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The son of Henrik Larsson, praised by Zlatan Ibrahimović and named after basketball legend Michael Jordan – it is no surprise Swedish football fans are excited about Jordan Larsson.

Jordan Larsson in action for Sweden Under-19s
Jordan Larsson in action for Sweden Under-19s ©Sportsfile

Name: Jordan Larsson
Club: Helsingborg
Debut: 27 July 2014 v Örebro (Allsvenskan)
Position: forward
Nationality: Swedish
Date of birth: 20 June 1997
Preferred foot: left
Height: 175cm

What they say …
”There's one guy who's on the rise – Henke's son. We're waiting for him."
 Sweden captain Zlatan Ibrahimović on the future of Swedish football

"Zlatan is a nice guy, but Jordan is not there yet. He has the potential to be a good Allsvenskan player. Hopefully and probably he will also be able to take the step outside the borders of Sweden in a few years."
Henrik Larsson, Helsingborg coach and father of Jordan

Former Sweden striker Henrik Larsson
Former Sweden striker Henrik Larsson©Getty Images

Background ...
Legendary Sweden striker Henrik Larsson's first foreign club was Feyenoord. It was in the city of Rotterdam that he and his wife had their first-born, whom they named after basketball great Michael Jordan. Jordan Larsson eventually moved with the family to Glasgow and Barcelona. Some of his early football schooling was at Barça's La Masia, before the family moved home to Helsingborg. There, Jordan joined local club Högaborg, like his dad had once done, before moving to the city's main club in 2014 – again mirroring his dad. Father and son have joined forces since 2015. At 18, Jordan is the team's leading scorer.

Shades of ...
You guessed it: Henrik Larsson. From his physical appearance to his confident finishing. Like Larsson senior, Jordan has a natural way of finding the net.

Henrik Larsson while at Celtic
Henrik Larsson while at Celtic©Getty Images

Eureka moment ...
Two goals that helped his side to three points against title-contenders AIK last year made Swedish football fans pay attention. Two more sank the same opponents on 28 April this year. The way Jordan Larsson scored them was jaw-dropping. First he raced onto a through ball, past the defenders, and sent the ball in a high arc over the keeper with the outside of his foot. Late in the game a long-range curling free-kick into the top corner was even better. Ten days later, in the regional derby against Malmö, he volleyed in the winner.

Best-case scenario ...
Although he has yet to be capped at Under-21 level, Jordan Larsson could well force his way into Sweden's Olympic squad in August. Coach Håkan Ericson has made no secret of the fact that he is monitoring him. A move to a bigger club and league also seems a distinct and imminent possibility. Helsingborg would welcome the money, and the player himself has openly stated his ambitions.

He says ...
"The future looks bright. I'm evolving every day. Hopefully I can develop enough that I can make my way out to Europe, that's the plan. Maybe I'll leave in the summer or maybe three years from now. I have no plans to stay at Helsingborg for any longer period of time. Even though it's a fantastic club, I have dreams and ambitions that I want to achieve."