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UEFA Nations League prize money donated to charitable causes

The prize money that Georgia gained from winning Group 1 of UEFA Nations League D will benefit three charitable causes following a decision by the team and national association.


The Georgian Football Federation (GFF) and the Georgian national team have distributed 300,000 Georgian lari (approximately €98,660) evenly among three charitable organisations in Georgia. These are the Firefly World children's hospice, the Monk Andrew Foundation and the Georgia Solidarity Fund.

These three organisations have benefited from the prize money that the GFF received from the group stage of the UEFA Nations League, in which Georgia finished top of their group. The GFF decided to use part of the money for bonus payments to players, with the rest allocated to charitable causes.

The GFF president, Levan Kobiashvili, and vice-presidents Kakha Chumburidze and Alexander Iashvili met representatives of Firefly World and the Monk Andrew Foundation, thanking them for their work and presenting them with Georgian national team jerseys.

"It was a joint decision of the Georgian Football Federation and the Georgian national team to use the UEFA prize money earned for topping our Nations League group for charitable purposes.

"We chose three organisations that have been operating in Georgia for many years, helping children with cancer. I believe that the main criterion for evaluating the activities of every institution and society as a whole is the social good they can do for the benefit of those who are in need," said Levan Kobiashvili.

This article originally appeared in UEFA Direct 184