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Bad weather forces late start

The first round of matches in the Belarussian First Division have been postponed due to bad weather.

The start of the Belarussian First Division has been postponed due to bad weather.

Unplayable conditions
The league was scheduled to kick off on 12 April but the first games will instead be played on 18 April, as recent heavy snow and strong winds would have made conditions unplayable. The Belarus Football Federation (BFF) have said that the championship will start with the second round of fixtures, with the decision on when the first round will be played still to be taken.

Enlarged league
This season the league has been extended from 14 to 16 teams. FC Lokomotiv-96 Vitebsk were relegated while FC Darida Zhdanovichi, FC Naftan-Devon Novopolotsk and FC Lokomotiv Minsk won promotion to the top flight. The season is 30 games long and is scheduled to end on 30 November.