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Wil lose their licence

FC Wil 1900 have not been granted a licence to play in Switzerland's Nationalliga A next season.

FC Wil 1900 have not been granted a licence to play in Switzerland's Nationalliga A next season.

Failed financial assessment
Wil were the only club in the top flight to fail a financial assessment at the weekend after being unable to deliver a business report and other documents required by the Swiss league's licensing commission.

Appeal expected
The club have announced, however, that they will appeal against the decision. "We thought this decision likely and we have received news that the licence has not been granted in this first instance," Wil's president, Roger Bigger, said.

Defrauded money
The club have suffered financial problems throughout the season after former president Andreas Hafen admitted he had partly funded the club with defrauded money from the UBS bank branch in St. Gallen, where he was also president.

Future in doubt
That matter is still under investigation and Wil's future could depend on whether the UBS bank decides to reclaim the estimated €7m that Hafen is alleged to have used illegally.
"We will talk with UBS," said Bigger. "But if UBS acts, then I am convinced that the club will cease to exist."

Second-tier clubs
Wil were only able to complete the final round of the Nationalliga after the club raised €330,000 in January, to finance their participation until the end of the season. Nationalliga B clubs Lausanne-Sports, FC Winterthur, FC Sion, FC Baden and FC Lugano also failed to obtain a licence for next season.

Final decision in June
All the clubs have the right to appeal to the disciplinary commission's decision in the next five days. The final decision on the licences will be taken latest by 6 June.