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UEFA club and country rankings

UEFA's country and club rankings are available online, with the individual coefficients of member associations and clubs involved in UEFA competition shown on

Real Madrid lead this season's club coefficient rankings
Real Madrid lead this season's club coefficient rankings ©Getty Images

UEFA's country and club rankings are now available to view on, displaying the individual coefficients of all the European governing body's member associations and the clubs taking part in UEFA competition.

The new rankings section on has made this official information available online for the first time. The coefficients – from which the rankings are formed and which are based on performances over the last five seasons – will be updated directly after each completed round of UEFA club competition matches. View the rankings overview page.

Currently, England top the country coefficients from Spain and Germany – who have overtaken Italy in third place this term – while rankings for individual seasons can also be viewed. Meanwhile, Manchester United FC lead the way from FC Barcelona in the overall club coefficients, and again each season's rankings for the last five years can be seen, with Real Madrid CF in pole position for the current campaign.

On the season pages you can use the links at the head of the page to scroll through the individual rankings for each campaign. The rankings are also available on each member association page – for example, England's can be accessed here. A full explanation of how the coefficients are calculated can also be found in the rankings section.