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Stankov pleased with substitutes

Group A reaction: Home coach Angel Stankov said his substitutions helped secure an opening draw in the UEFA Regions' Cup in Bulgaria.

Angel Stankov, South-East Region coach
My team lacks experience - we are very young. That's one of the reasons why had problems at the beginning, we couldn't adjust to our opponents' style. But after half-time and the substitutions the game went the way I wanted. Especially when Dimo Dimow arrived on the left, then we started to keep possession in the second half. Lack of experience denied us victory perhaps.

Fuad Grbešić, Tuzla coach
The weather made it very difficult to play as it was very hot. It was a problem for both teams. We had a problem before the match as we knew nothing about their players or their team. We had to play the match and see how they played. I think we were better in the first half and had three good chances. But the Bulgarian team were in better condition in the second half. One-all is OK. We had travelled about 1,000km for the first match and did not have perfect information about the Bulgarian team. I thought the match was very good and everything is excellent but the weather is red hot.

Patrick Gonfalone, Basse-Normandie coach
I am disappointed with the result but not the performance. The Northern Irish were very strong physically and played a lot of long balls but credit to them because it worked today in very tough conditions. Both sets of players did very well considering the heat. I thought our keeper had done really well until their goal but for a split second there was a communication mix-up and their man stole in and scored.

Harry McConkey, Eastern Region manager
I am absolutely delighted with the win. It feels like we stole the game. The French had their chances and much more possession but thanks to our keeper Ryan Brown who had - as usual - an amazing game and a few missed chances from France we were still in the game with 15 minutes to go when our fitness allowed us to take control. Then there was the mix-up and Andy took his chance really well. I was so happy for him. He has done so well for us when he has been asked to and has come back from injury and taken his chance.