Castilla y León thwarted by Region 2

The Spanish side had the bulk of the chances, but Eoin Hayes hit the woodwork for Gerry Davies' Irish challengers as the battle for top spot in Group B ended in stalemate.

Castilla y León Roberto García Puente under observation from the Region 2 defence
  • Twice a scorer in Castilla y León's opener, Roberto García Puente misses two good first-half chances
  • After hitting first-day winner, Eoin Hayes strikes woodwork for Irish side on 22 minutes
  • Brendan O'Connell saves well from Álvaro Coque Pérez and García Puente after break
  • Carlos Alonso López and García Puente pass up decent chances in later stages as Irish side hold on
  • Sides remain locked together on four points at the top of the section