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Stadio de Monteortone, Abano Terme

Stadio de Monteortone, Abano Terme
The Stadio de Monteortone in Abano Terme ©FIGC

Getting there

Stadio de Monteortone, Abano Terme

Capacity: 800
Matches: Three group matches, final
Distances: Este 30km, Piove di Sacco 26 km, Bagnoli di Sopra 28km

A local club with a thriving youth system, Abano Calcio are the home side at the Stadio de Monteortone, but Abano Terme is more famous for its hot springs than its football team, with water temperatures of as high as 80C having brought visitors to the area since Roman times. Once home to the celebrated medieval philosopher, doctor and physician Peter of Abano, the city boasts some sensational religious architecture – a cathedral and two nearby abbeys – as well as a fine local art gallery.

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