Intermediary round

Group 1(Host country: Malta)

1Ukraine Ingulec33008269
2France Ligue Paris Ile de France31115234
3Scotland East West Central Scotland310257-23
4Malta Gozo Region301218-71

Group 2(Host country: Bulgaria)

1Spain Castilla y León32017166
2Bulgaria South-West Region32017526
3San Marino San Marino320135-26
4Bosnia and Herzegovina NZ Tuzlanskog Kantona 300306-60

Group 3(Host country: Romania)

1Russia South Region32108627
2England West Yorkshire31205415
3Serbia Vojvodina31117614
4Romania Prahova Muntenia300337-40

Group 4(Host country: Poland)

1Portugal Lisboa33005059
2Poland Dolnośląski320110376
3Belarus Zvezda - FOTS Victoria301225-31
4Latvia Caramba Riga3012110-91

Group 5(Host country: Moldova)

1Turkey Istanbul32103037
2Switzerland Genève32013216
3Moldova Soroca31112204
4Northern Ireland Western Region300326-40

Group 6(Host country: Czech Republic)

1Czech Republic Olomouc31205235
2Germany Bremer Fußball-Verband31205325
3Slovakia West Slovakia30301103
4Israel Hapoel Jordan Valley301227-51

Group 7(Host country: Italy)

1Republic of Ireland Region 232103037
2Italy Lombardia32015236
3Slovenia Maribor302114-32
4FYR Macedonia North-East Macedonia301203-31

Group 8(Host country: Hungary)

1Croatia Zagreb3300120129
2Hungary East Region Selection32018446
3Finland East District Team310237-43
4Azerbaijan Sharur3003012-120


P: Played   
W: Won   
D: Drawn   
L: Lost   
F: For   
A: Against   
+/-: Goal difference   
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Preliminary round

Intermediary round

Final tournament

Road to the final

The UEFA Regions' Cup brings together the best amateur selections in Europe, with 38 UEFA national associations involved in the 2016/17 competition.

Preliminary round
This round comprises two four-team mini-tournaments, with the two group winners across the two sections going to the intermediate round.

Intermediate round
The 30 sides who enter at this stage are joined by the two teams from the preliminary round. These sides are divided into eight groups of four, with the winners of each mini-tournament earning a place in the finals.

One of the eight qualifiers host the finals in July 2017. There will be two groups of four with the winners contesting the final.