Intermediary round


4 October 2018
4 October 2018 04 Oct - Regions' Cup, Intermediary round (Group 4)
RAT Belarus - RAT Bulgaria
Referee: TBD
05/28/2018 16:26:05
7 October 2018
7 October 2018 07 Oct - Regions' Cup, Intermediary round (Group 4)
RAT Turkey - RAT Belarus
Referee: TBD
05/28/2018 16:35:51
10 October 2018
10 October 2018 10 Oct - Regions' Cup, Intermediary round (Group 4)
RAT Bulgaria - RAT Turkey
Referee: TBD
05/28/2018 16:36:21
Last updated: 27/06/2018 18:17 CET


Preliminary round

Intermediary round

Road to the final

The UEFA Regions' Cup brings together the best amateur selections in Europe, with 39 UEFA national associations involved in the 2018/19 competition.

Preliminary round
This round comprises three four-team mini-tournaments, with the group winners and two best runners-up going to the intermediate round.

Intermediate round
The 27 sides who enter at this stage are joined by the five teams from the preliminary round. These sides are divided into eight groups of four, with the winners of each mini-tournament earning a place in the finals.

One of the eight qualifiers host the finals in late June 2019. There will be two groups of four with the winners contesting the final.