Match log

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General info

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Team record in UEFA competitions

  • Biggest win:
    10/08/2012, Belarus 2-0 France, Molodechno
  • Biggest defeat:
    22/06/2013, Belarus 0-2 Spain, Piove di Sacco
  • Appearances in UEFA Regions' Cup: 1
  • Player with most appearances: 6
    Aleksei Rudenok (BLR)
    Vadim Aleshkevich (BLR)
    Sergei Borodaenko (BLR)
    Aleksandr Kholodinski (BLR)
    Sergei Lynko (BLR)
    Aleksandr Pratskevich (BLR)
    Yuri Pustokhod (BLR)
    Anton Savostyonok (BLR)
    Vitali Sheleg (BLR)
    Denis Zhilich (BLR)
  • Top scorers: 2
    Sergei Lynko (BLR)
    Aleksandr Pratskevich (BLR)